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    People Are Streaming And Buying Nelly's Music To Get Him Out Of $2 Million Debt


    According to TMZ, Nelly owes the US government over $2 million in taxes.

    Luckily for him, the internet has united by streaming and buying his music in order to get him out of debt.

    GoldxHaze / Via Twitter: @GoldxHaze

    I turned on Hot in Herre on @AppleMusic and will leave it on repeat for the rest of the night. Join me #SaveNelly

    People have really gone the extra mile just to help.

    CocoCaliente_ / Via Twitter: @CocoCaliente_


    Just started playing Hot in Herre on Spotify on mute and on repeat #Nelly

    Fans are also taking this time to appreciate the amazing things Nelly has done for the culture:

    when Kelly asked Nelly where he was via an excel spreadsheet #SaveNelly

    All the school dances.

    NellyVEVO / Twitter: theyhatedr / Via Twitter: @theyhatedr

    #SaveNelly my childhood hero πŸ˜”

    We should also never forget when Nelly did one of the greatest genre crossovers of all time, with Tim McGraw.

    chillin662 / Via Twitter: @chillin662

    And when he made wearing a Band-Aid a thing.

    NellyVOVO / Twitter: penjanigucci / Via Twitter: @penjanigucci

    Band-Aid God.

    I remember how Nelly made it cool to wear a band-aid on your face because it looked cool #savenelly

    People are also cherishing Nelly's performance in his film debut, The Longest Yard.

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: AnotherRuffian / Via Twitter: @AnotherRuffian

    Overall, people are really doing their part for Nelly and it's amazing.

    It would really help if people started calling into radio stations & tweeting radio DJs about playing Nelly's hits this morning! #SaveNelly


    Hot in Herre bout to be #1 again πŸ˜‚ this what happens when black people come together #SaveNelly

    According this person's calculations, Nelly needs over 30 million streams to be debt-free. Well, fans are doing all they can!

    web / Via Twitter: @web

    Nelly's representatives have been contacted for comment.

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