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    14 Times "Arthur" Summed Up Your Struggles Perfectly

    Website: "Sorry, we're sold out."

    1. When you've got to spend the night in hiding.

    When he bought you & ya girl some drinks now yall dodging him in the club like...💀

    2. When your pal keeps bugging you to listen to their mixtape.

    "Yeah Ima listen to your soundcloud bro I got you."

    3. This annoying moment every shopaholic can relate to.

    Me : *waits up all night to order shoes* website : "sorry, we're sold out"

    4. This irritating person.

    5. This dreaded text from your phone provider...

    YoungAdolf_ / Via Twitter: @YoungAdolf_

    6. ...and when Apple keeps telling you things that you don't want to hear.

    7. When you've got your receipts ready.

    After you're finished lurking and you gotta have a sit down with your man

    8. That moment when your mum is totally sick of your shit.

    Mom: "fix that attitude before i fix it for you"

    9. When you're feeling petty as hell.

    10. When you can be your true self around bae.

    When he say make yourself comfortable

    11. This frustrating question.

    12. When you constantly deceive yourself.

    me : im really done with him him : come outside me :

    13. Those boys who want everyone to see their Gucci belt.

    14. And when this happens...

    When you get caught cheating, so you gotta play dumb.