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Mom Posts Ad On Craigslist To Help 'Socially Awkward' Teenage Son Lose His Virginity Before College

Is this the world's most embarrassing mom? Read the advert and judge for yourself.

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Here's The Mom's Cunning Plan...

Concerned that her 'socially awkward' 18-year-old son has never dated, this misguided mother has outlined a cunning plan for her offspring to lose his virginity before he heads to college.

After a carefully arranged scheme in which the chosen girl will 'accidentally' bump into the unnamed Philadelphia woman's son at a concert, she will be expected to take his virginity.

The poster then encourages the chosen applicant to "keep dating him (and showing him different sex positions)" until he goes to college before letting him down gently so he has the confidence to date other women.

With a mother like this, is it any wonder that the poor boy is still single?

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