The Twelve Step Guide To Being Fired

You may feel upset, you may feel confused, but now you are free!

1. Get called into the conference room

You get that call. Many things are running though your head. You’ve worked there for a while so you’re expecting a raise, but you suddenly get this feeling…

2. We no longer can use you here at our company…

Some employers will try to sugar coat it, but some are straight up and say YOU HAVE MADE TOO MANY MISTAKES and you’re like…

3. Walk of shame back to your desk

Now you have a box in your hand and start putting all of your belongings in it, not to mention valuable office supplies…

4. All of this drama is making you hungry

So you go to your nearest fast food joint and instinctively order off the dollar menu for the first time in a long time

5. After loathing for a bit, you come to your senses

After all you realize that you now qualify for unemployment!

6. Okay so now you’ve spent a few days unemployed..

But do you really know what day of the week it is?

7. You start to update your resume on Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Linkedin, etc…

We all know what “updating your resume” really means…

8. You get contacted from numerous companies and score an interview

You have the education, the experience, the charisma, and the interview goes well!

9. Yet two weeks later

You are still waiting for an answer…

10. And you start thinking

Why me? WHY ME?!?!?!

11. But then you wake up one day and start to think

Maybe this is a good time to actually think about what you WANT to do and not work at some dead-end job.

12. And you realize

Things will only get better from here on out! Be positive and follow your dreams and don’t stop!

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