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The Definitive List Of Every Type Of Sex

Sex situations for every occassion!

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Drunk Sex

It's probably not a good idea but drunk you thinks it's a GREAT idea.

Movie Sex

This sort of sexing happens only in the movies and possibly between light-weight, athletic people.

Dry Spell

You know that kind of sex where there is no sex at all?

Casual Sex

Just a suggestion but...

Solo Sex

As P!nk once said, it's just you and your hand tonight.

Bad Sex

Run, run away from bad sex.

Forbidden Sex

For whatever reason, you really shouldn't but you really want to.

Pity Sex

Maybe your friend is a 40 year old virgin and you feel bad. Maybe they're upset. Maybe you feel sorry for them. Pity sex: quite the moral dilemma.

Amazing Sex

Usually found between two people with a great connection and feelings. Usually.

Awkward Sex

When somebody doesn't know where everything goes.

Friend Sex

You might have one of these... 'buddies', where it starts out as a mutual agreement but usually gets messy.

Humiliating Sex

Humiliating sex, the kind that makes you want to die inside because it's so bad/embarrassing.

Make Up Sex

Had an argument? Just shag and make up, much easier than having a conversation.

Revenge Sex

Perhaps you were once rejected by your prey and you have ulterior motives in seducing them. Not too sure who's really winning in this scenario...

Funny Sex

Sometimes 'things' happen during sex that are funny. Best to laugh.

Convenient Sex

It's all about timing. I'm here... you're here...

Role Play Sex

He dresses up, she dresses up - can anyone really take that stuff seriously?

One Night Stand Sex

It seemed a good idea at the time but now you just want to leg it.

Expensive Hotel Sex

There's just something about the plush carpet, super king size bed and great view, y'know?

Lazy Sex

Meh, go on then.

Favour Sex

Got a job that needs doing? I'll scratch your back...

The BEST Sex

*CHEESY ALERT* When you're both head over heels for one another.

(Or if Ryan Gosling is involved... I imagine.)

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