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The 37 Best And Worst Things About Winter

It's the most wonderful time of the year... except when it's not.

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1. YAY: You can wrap up all snug.

2. BOO: But it's cold all the time.

3. BOO: And windy.

Seriously, why does the earth tipping slightly away from the sun equate to FUCK LOADS of wind?

4. BOO: Leaves are no longer playful and crunchy, instead they're slimy pavement sludge.

5. YAY: Sometimes there are snow days.

6. BOO: But mostly the sky cries.

7. BOO: If you're a girl with long hair, you'll spend plenty of time fighting hair blindness.

8. YAY: Winter clothes/coats/layering are the BEST.

9. BOO: Walking out and about wrapped up and then walking into a shop = sweaty mess.

10. BOO: You get ill.

11. YAY: Hot chocolate becomes your main source of fluid.

12. BOO: This can happen. A lot.

13. YAY: Candles. ALL THE TIME.

14. YAY: The feeling when your clothes are warm out of the dryer.

15. BOO: But getting out of the shower is the WORST.

16. BOO: Getting in your car is no longer a breeze, you have to freeze off your fingers scraping ice to make it safe to drive.

17. YAY: You know how, in summer, guys like to take their tops off because it's just so 'hot'? That doesn't happen in winter.

18. BOO: When is it dark outside? Oh right...

19. YAY: Hair-drying your entire body.

20. YAY: Vegging out and not feeling guilty that you should be outside.

21. BOO: Not being able to get your laundry dry for AGES.

Unless you have a dryer, obvs.

22. BOO: It takes ages to leave the house on account of all the clothing you have to put on.


24. YAY: You can get loads of your 'indoor chores' done when it's crappy outside.

25. YAY: Christmas!

26. YAY: Countdowns. Both Christmas and New Year.

27. YAY: Being legitimately allowed to watch Christmas films.

28. YAY: Party season.

29. BOO: With great parties come great hangovers.

30. YAY: Letting your diet go out the window.

31. BOO: The Christmas cheer you discover on your stomach, ass and thighs.

32. YAY: Limited edition seasonal food and drink.

Greggs Festive Bake, anyone?

Greggs Festive Bake, anyone?

33. YAY: Hot alcohol i.e. mulled wine, mulled cider, mmm mulled.

34. YAY: Going to town with fairy lights.

35. YAY: Christmas dinner.

36. YAY/BOO: New Years Eve. Sometimes great, usually overrated, definitely drunk.

37. YAY: January sales.

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