The 19 Stages Of Staying In A Hotel Room

Why aren’t there chocolates on my pillows at home?

1. First things first, let’s go for a bit of jumping on the bed.

2. Find out what is happening with the view.

3. Snaffle the chocolates on the pillows.

4. If you have a friend in another room, call their room number just because you can.

5. Arrange a wake up call, just because you can.

6. Hang your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign so you can really make yourself at home.

7. Figure out how the TV works and then go through every channel.

8. Assess the bathroom situation…

9. … and then de-clothe (leaving it all on the floor.)

10. Put on the complimentary shower cap, even though you never, ever use them normally.

11. Indulge in all the free toiletries.

12. Put on a bath robe, despite owning but never wearing your own.

13. Eat all the free biscuits…

14. … and whether you drink tea or not, you have to make some with the tiny kettle.

15. If you’re sharing the room, you’ll probably have a pillow fight.

16. Collect together every freebie you can find.

Even though you may well never use it.

17. Order room service.

Possibly while jumping on the bed.

18. Contemplate how much you’re willing to pay for a tiny bottle from the mini bar.

19. Spend the whole night unable to sleep because you’re not in your own bed.

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