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    Halloween In The UK Vs. Halloween In The US

    This comparison is once again based loosely on stereotypes and what films taught us.

    The US loves Halloween and goes to town celebrating.

    Whereas in the UK we're a bit 'meh' about it.

    Americans call carved pumpkins 'Jack O Lanterns'...

    ... and we're like 'Whut the eff is a Jack O Lantern? Ohhh a pumpkin!'

    In the US there are, subsequently, lots of pumpkin based snacks.

    While in the UK we're all 'WTF do you do with the inside of a pumpkin??'

    American's do costumes really well.

    We're a bit more 'low budget'.

    But we at least stick to the scary theme because...

    Whereas you guys dress as literally anything for Halloween.

    Girls dressing slutty: This is the same both sides of the pond.

    Adults in the US stock up on sweets in preparation for trick or treater's.

    If you knock on someone's door asking for sweets in the UK, this could well happen.

    But mostly, if we're home on Halloween, we just sit in the dark and hope nobody knocks.

    American kids out trick or treating are pretty cute.

    Whereas in Britain it's more of a Jeremy Kyle street party.

    In fact the whole act of trick or treating is mostly deemed a bit threatening and rude.

    If you're British you were probably told as a kid 'It's too American' and/or 'I won't let you go out begging.'

    Parents in the US get really into it.

    Ours are more like this...

    You guys even pimp out your gardens and whole house with decorations.

    We might put a pumpkin out but that's about as good as it gets.

    In America, pets get involved.

    Yeah, that's not happening.

    People in the US are all 'OMG Halloween is two weeks away and I haven't sorted my costume!'

    While in Britain the 31st rolls around and we're like...