31 Things You Think At A Wedding

The stuff that runs through your head that you probably shouldn’t say out loud.

1. Oh no, I would NOT have picked that dress.

2. Why do people bring kids to weddings?

NBC / Via tumblr.com

3. Oh it’s so emotional! I might accidentally cry.

4. When is the food?

5. Okay, this is dragging now.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

6. Yep, now I need to pee.

Disney / Pixar / Via giphy.com

7. Not liking those bridesmaid’s dresses.

8. HELLO hot bridesmaid/groomsman.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via ronaldcolmans.tumblr.com

9. I wonder if the bride is pregnant?

10. I am sweating so much right now.

11. The bride/groom is seriously punching.

12. ANOTHER GODDAMN HYMN?! (Sorry for taking your name in vain, God.)

NBC / Via theprospect.net

13. OMG how much money did they spend?!

14. My gift is way smaller than everyone else’s…

Walt Disney Pictures / Via tumblr.com

15. My wedding will be better than this.

17. Am I supposed to make small talk?

NBC / Via tumblr.com

18. Ohh buffets make me so happy!

NBC / Via heavy.com

19. Hmmm, how much can I fit on this plate?

Paramount Pictures / Via pleated-jeans.com

20. This DJ sucks! Hold my drink, I’ll show them how it’s done…

21. That is some embarrassing dancing.

22. I can’t remember your name but I’ll act excited…

Screen Gems / Via tumblr.com

23. Who is that FOX?!

24. Cut the cake already! I want some cake.

CBS / Via giphy.com

25. Why do people still have fruit cake for weddings??

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com

26. Ugh! I feel old…

NBC / Via tumblr.com

28. I’m NEVER gonna get married! Waaaaaaaaaaaah

29. Uh-oh embarrassing parents alert!

Universal Pictures / Via giphy.com

30. Am I drunk enough to dance yet? HELL YEAH

31. Too much wine. Time to go.

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