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30 Genuine Laugh-Out-Loud Moments From Kids Films

Childhood movie moments that still make you laugh now.

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1. Classic, Mr Bean.

2. LUAU!

3. Shitting yourself jokes for kids.

4. Ace Ventura getting out of the rhino? CRYING.

5. So many sophisticated jokes, lost on us as children.

6. Gremlins singing Christmas carols always cracked me up.

7. Mrs Doubtfire. Laugh a minute.

8. Hades the hilarious.

9. He never even knew his FATHER!

10. ALL of Liar Liar.

11. I don't like gravy!

12. The dog. In the heels. Bowfinger. GUFFAW.

13. It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

14. Anyone else used to watch Matilda every day?

15. What a line!


17. Oh Robin... responsible for 95% of our childhood laughs.

18. Jacques! Stop cleaning!

19. Do you know the muffin man?

20. This.

21. He's a caterpillar with a German accent!

22. Is there anything funnier come Christmas time?

23. Oh wait, yes there is!

24. Minions.

25. Because he's the abominable snowman!

26. Shark Bait ooh ba di boo...

27. Toy Story, so full of LOLs.

28. Everyone's favourite donkey.

29. Aladdin? More like A-LOL-din...

30. Finding Nemo, hilarious right to the end.

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