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28 Reasons Growing Up In The UK Is Actually Awesome

It may have been way different than going up in America but growing up in the UK was actually pretty great.

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1. Our parents raised us on a cocktail of brilliant British music, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles...

2. David Attenborough has been teaching us about the world since birth.

3. We have some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.

4. We have ALL the history! (Alright, not all the history but quite a lot...)


5. Under age drinking at a field party was actually amazing (even when it meant sleeping in a stable.)

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. Going to the pub when you turn 18 and acting super nonchalant.

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7. We went on school trips to places like Stonehenge and Shakespeare's actual house!

8. Scones.

9. We have the best chocolate. No discussion.

10. We all read Harry Potter and wanted to go to Hogwarts.

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12. Fish and chips, specifically fish and chips at the seaside.

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13. Love or hate the monarchy, if the Queen came to town you'd be a bit excited.

14. Europe is on our doorstep and Europe is awesome.

15. Break your arm as a kid? No worries, we have free healthcare!

16. When the sun comes out we REALLY make the most of it.

17. We drank WKD down the park and ended up with blue tongues.

18. Going to London is magical. Living in London is also pretty up there.

19. Sitting down every weekend with your family for a Sunday roast.

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20. Feeling way cooler than the year 7's as soon as you get to year 8.

21. We have weird, old, traditional fairs e.g. the Newent Onion Fayre where people have onion eating competitions. Yep.

22. British TV is so good.

23. We grow up fluent in sarcasm.

24. Cider is our thing.

25. We have a huge, diverse range of regional accents that sometimes we don't even understand.

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26. In the summer, we BBQ against all odds.

27. We KNOW how to take the p*ss out of each other.

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28. We have marvellous swear words.

Channel 4 / Via
Channel 4 / Via

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