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25 Times You Live Dangerously Every Day

Your Mama told you not to do that!

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1. I put the knife in the toaster because I am unstoppable.

2. 'Don't eat food off the floor' I DO WHAT I WANT.

3. Hair dryer in the bathroom? Come at me electricity.

4. Eating raw cake mix. Salmonella, pah!

5. 'Watching too much TV will give you square eyes.' My eyes are still perfectly formed, thanks.

6. Food past its use by date? NO problem!

7. Not always putting on sun block because you've got 'adult skin' and it can take it.

8. I'll stand right in front of the microwave if I want to.

9. If I wanna lick my knife, IMMA LICK MY KNIFE.

10. Pulling faces in the wind because I like to live dangerously.

11. I know I shouldn't run across the road but...

12. I'm not supposed to run upstairs either.

13. Don't put your head out of moving vehicles... there are so many rules!

14. Running with scissors ( I can't help it that I'm a daredevil.)

15. I can lean on my chair, I know how to do that, I won't fall-

16. Always wear a cycle helmet. If by helmet you mean goat...

17. Don't worry about it, I don't need to fully dry my hands when going near an electrical socket.

18. Imagine if we took this rule into adult life!

19. NEVER play with fireworks (just be really careful!)

20. Don't lick the whisk when it's still plugged in, it might whisk your face off.

21. You shouldn't eat before you swim... One little burger won't kill me.

22. Sleeping with your phone next to your head will fry your brain.

23. Hot water on icy windows? It'll never crack...

24. Why cross at the crossing when you can just run between cars?

25. Playing with fire is kind of fun (sorry, Mum.)

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