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    24 Reasons You'd Want Daryl Dixon On Your Side In A Zombie Apocalypse

    Daryl Dixon offa The Walking Dead is bad ass and we want him on our team!

    1. He's really, really good at killing zombies.

    2. He's not afraid to tell it like it is.

    3. If you lose your kid, he will NOT stop looking for them (plus he'll be extra reassuring too.)

    4. Then when you discover your kid is now a zombie he will hold you tight.

    5. He's pretty handy with a crossbow...

    6. ... and he NEVER misses.

    7. When the opportunity arises, he knows how to party.

    8. He doesn't stand for anyone's sh*t.

    9. Those arms...

    10. He's got his zen down.

    11. He ain't nobody's b*tch.

    12. He rides a super cool chopper.

    13. Even though it's a zombie apocalypse, he still styles up a poncho.

    14. He's not afraid to show his emotions.

    15. If you need saving, he'll save you in a really manly fashion.

    16. He's not afraid to get creative when putting down zombies.

    17. He's really good at back hugs.

    18. He is the ultimate alpha male.

    19. He will give you piggy backs when your legs are tired.

    20. He's a pillar of society.

    21. He's a bad-ass-tank-destroying-ninja-warrior.

    22. He brings the sexual tension.

    23. He holds babies in those arms like a boss.

    24. If you accidentally shoot him, he'll make a joke of it.

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