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24 Reasons Why Having Long Hair Is Awesome

I whip my hair back and forth.

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1. When the wind blows you feel like Pocahontas.

2. Brushing your hair feels awesome (once the knots are out.)

3. But having someone brush your hair feels A MILLION TIMES BETTER.

(I can virtually feel this just watching it.)

4. You can do loads of cool things with it...

5. ... you can plait it.

6. ... you can curl it.

7. ... you can have it straight (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.)

8. How about a fancy up-do?

9. Swimming underwater makes you feel like a mermaid.

10. You can dye it all sorts of colours.

Okay, so you can do this with any hair.

11. Wind machines just aren't the same without long, flowing locks.

12. The hair flick = HELLO you sassy thing!

13. Running your fingers through your hair is the bomb.

14. If it wasn't for long hair, Taylor Swift couldn't do this.

15. If you're a long-haired man, you can trick people from behind.

16. Hair twirling? Yes, please.

17. Can't do this with a pixie crop.

18. You can swoosh it around...

19. ... whip it back and forth.

20. You can give yourself a moustache.

21. When it's freshly washed it feels A M A Z I N G...

22. ... and you keep getting whiffs of its beautiful scent.

23. When someone hugs you, you spread the hair scent magic even further...

... which is kind of like performing a good deed.

24. Getting out of any body of water can be super dramatic.

Of course, long hair has its fair share of problems (like getting stuck in fans)...

... but mostly, long hair is great.

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