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24 Of The Worst Things About Festival Crowds


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1. The constant fear that you might faint.

2. Crowd farts.

3. It's TOO HOT.

4. Which means you're constantly sweaty.

5. You're surrounded by other people's weird smells.

6. There's always someone who has to push their way to the best spot.

7. The crowd current threatens to tear you from your friends.

8. You're either too short to see anything...

9. ... or too tall and annoying everyone behind you.

10. People actually throw cups of PISS.

11. Better watch out for aerial pint bombs.

12. Walking anywhere quickly is not an option.

13. Some people have massive hair that either blocks your view or keeps brushing your face.

Or both.

14. There's always some girl who just has to be on someone's shoulders.

15. Sometimes there are surprise obstacles that you have no way of seeing until it's too late.

16. If you need to pee you're done for.

17. Smokers dirtying up the precious clean air.

18. Flags.

19. People's erratic dancing.

20. People who try to start mosh pits in a completely non-mosh situation.

21. Rogue grinders.

22. The general invasion of personal space.

23. People treading on your feet.

24. Leaving halfway through a set is impossible and everyone hates you for it.

But it's all worth it for your favourite tunes!

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