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    23 Cats Who Remind Dog People Why They're Dog People

    Dogs are just nicer.

    1. Cats are MEAN!

    2. They're also kind of creepy at times.

    3. You'll never have to rescue a dog from a tree because of bad decisions making.


    4. They're pretty needy.


    And then when you meet their needs, they don't care.

    5. Cats just don't show you affection like a dog does.

    6. They do douche-bag things like this. Just for the hell of it.


    7. They bring in disgusting 'gifts.'

    ABC / Via

    Probably to intentionally gross you out.

    8. I'd go as far to say they're bullies of the animal kingdom.


    9. They pretend to be your friend but really they just want to claw and bite you.


    10. They don't even care when you show them love.


    11. Want to spend quality time with your cat? Forget about it.

    12. Got some nice, new furniture? Oh, I think I'll just scratch it up for you.


    13. They're unimpressed with EVERYTHING.


    14. Cat people try to claim they're more intelligent than dogs but I'm pretty sure if you were stranded in the mountains, it won't be a cat that rescues you.


    15. They freak out over the tiniest things.

    16. And they're, quite frankly, irrational about having baths.


    Actually, dogs are too.

    17. They are definitely plotting to kill you.or something.


    Or something.

    18. They're needy at the worst times.

    19. You don't get ninja dogs, lurking in your sofa cushions waiting to attack.

    20. 'Out of reach' doesn't exist.

    21. Cats are tired of your sh*t.

    22. All they do is judge you.

    23. Basically, they're evil minions of the anti-Christ.

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