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21 Of The Most Amazing Animal-Human Relationships

Animals are magnificent, let's love and respect them.

1. I love you so much I'm not even going to try to eat your head.

2. See you later!

3. I just love to be tickled so much!

4. Emma and Cinnamon *FEELS*

5. BFFs

6. Yeah, no worries, I'm going that way, hop on.

7. I defy you not to cry at the Christian the Lion story.

8. Thank you for freeing my flipper.

9. Okay, for you it's free.

10. Uh-huh, uh-huh, right there.

11. I just love you so much, man.

12. Kwibi hadn't seen Damian in over 5 years after being released into the wild.

13. So much love to give.

14. Best babysitter ever.

15. Can I haz a hug?

16. Let me love you.

17. Tickle time is the best time.

18. I'll play with you.

19. I really like your face.

20. What? I've got something in my eye!

21. Hey, buddy!

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