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20 Times Your Great Idea Turned Out To Be A Terrible One

Hashtag FAIL

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1. Dum di dum, just gonna take this little shortcut...

2. When you read a romantic situation completely wrong.

3. Haha! See ya later suckaaaaz... SHIT.

4. Filming a yoga video with your cat in the room - what could possibly go wrong?

5. This seems to be the perfect place to park my ride... wait, WTF?!

6. Everyone's gonna want me after they've seen me on this bike...

7. I know! I'm going to surround myself with lit candles as I upside-down-twerk against a movable surface.

8. What do you mean these puny pieces of wood won't hold a one tonne vehicle?

9. Internet crazes really aren't worth losing fingers over.

10. It's all fun and games until someone pops gum in your face and you have to cut it out of your hair.

11. OMG this would make the most adorable shot, lemme just... oh crap!

12. I won't get wet feet, for I am as elegant as a leaping gazelle...

13. I can't believe people don't do this move, it's such a great workout...

14. Anything for the right shot.

15. Just remember how to make your feet work.

16. Baggy clothing might seem cool, until you go on a trampoline.

17. This only works with metal trolleys or if someone's sat in it, weighing it down.

18. Why pay for the gym when you can use what you've got at home?

19. I know how to get this bread out of the toaster!

20. If you lie on me with this dumbbell it'll give me a really great workout...

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