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19 Things You Do When You Have Time To Waste On Facebook

There's definitely nothing better for me to do than read my old status updates.

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1. Click through your own photos for hours, remembering the good times.

2. Continually refresh the news feed in the hope something new has been posted.

3. Stalk your crush...

4. ... stalk your arch enemy (and shout at their pictures a bit.)

5. Stalk your ex...

6. ... stalk your boyfriend/girlfriend's ex.

7. In fact, pretty much stalk anyone you can think of.

8. Update your 'About Me' page knowing full well nobody reads them anymore.

9. Play loads of pointless games.

10. Search for people with the same name as you.

11. Read through your old status updates and chuckle at your own genius.

12. Go on massive 'unfriending' sessions.

13. Browse the Facebook selling pages until you find something really awesome.

14. Get up to date on all the latest public feuds.

15. Check up on family members' shenanigans.

16. Search for people from your past. Literally anybody.

Even when you barely knew them, you still have to find them.

17. Watch too many videos.

18. Get annoyed by people who seem to be living a better life.

19. Browse your guilty pleasure pages for hours.

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