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19 Things That Happen To Every eBay Seller

I need a dollar, dollar. Dollar is what I need.

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1. You find yourself feeling strapped for cash, so you turn your attention to eBay...

2. When you see how much crap you have to get rid of, you think to yourself 'This will definitely make me rich.'

3. You get to work sorting through it all and it makes you want to die a bit.

4. You wait for a free listings weekend in order to list EVERYTHING.

5. The listings go live and you check up on how many views they're getting every half hour.

6. When people start bidding you get extremely excited...

7. ... but when it comes to parting with your goods, you feel pangs of regret.

8. You find yourself packaging items late into the night.

9. Then you realise you have to lug it all to the Post Office.

10. You have some great banter with potential buyers.

11. Other times, you get the dreaded non-payers.

12. You feel defeated but then decide you're not giving up. So you open up a can of unpaid-item-case on their ass.

13. Buyers ask you confusing questions, so you venture into the unknown lands of the community discussion boards...

14. ... where you find all the answers from your fellow selling homeboy's and girl's.

15. After taking the time to explain you don't ship abroad, you always get one person who asks if you will.

16. The dollar starts rolling into your PayPal account and you feel flash.

17. So you think, 'I'll just have a quick browse to see what I can find.'

18. ... and you discover a tonne of stuff you didn't realise you needed.

19. So you end up buying loads more stuff, thus depleting your earnings.

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