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19 Annoying Things That Can Happen At The Gym

I wish my gym was at home.

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1. Guys who take their shirts off.

2. Girls who wear crop tops.

Victoria's Secret / Via

You're hot, we get it!

3. People who have no idea what they're doing.


5. The people who don't even try.

6. The stairs. Don't make me work out before I get in the gym.


Whoever decided to put the gym upstairs has never done leg day.

7. When the air conditioner isn't turned up enough.


9. People who don't dress for the occasion.

Parlophone / Warner Bros. / Via

Note: Kylie's shoes.

10. When someone gets on the machine next to you right when you need to fart.

11. Show offs.

12. When the paper to mop your sweat with hasn't been replenished.

Disney / Via

13. The screamers.

MTV / Via

14. When someone is hogging equipment.

Nickelodeon Movies / Via

15. Unnecessary look-at-me gymnastics.

NBC / Via

This is the gym, not the Olympics.

16. When you realise you forgot your headphones.

Fox / Via

17. People leaving weights on the rack.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

18. When the gym is empty but someone still gets on the machine right next to you.

19. And when you walk outside and get a whiff of something delicious.

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