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    18 Weird Things Everyone Does In Private But Wouldn't Do Publicly

    What? I'm just having an imaginary argument out loud. Deal with it.

    1. Sing really extravagantly/sing opera style REALLY LOUD.

    2. Walk around naked.

    3. Talk to yourself.

    4. Play weird games like taping up your face.

    5. Dance like no one is watching.

    6. Inexplicable jumping.

    7. Making weird faces to yourself.

    8. Have imaginary arguments out loud.

    9. Run up stairs on all fours.

    10. Spying on people.

    11. Squeezing spots.

    12. Scoffing food.

    13. Trying to move stuff with your mind.

    14. Bad habits.

    15. Climbing on furniture.

    16. Farting really obviously...

    17. *MEN ONLY* Windmilling/Helicopter Penis

    18. Making weird noises.