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18 Problems Only Impatient People Know To Be True

Could you move any slower?

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1. When people keep you waiting, you're torn as to whether be really annoyed or worried that something terrible has happened to them.

2. When food is involved, you really can't cope if it doesn't materialize within 10 minutes.

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3. People who don't text back cause actual damage to either your health or your phone.

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4. Even typing a text takes too long, so your phone bill is massive from calling people.

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5. Adverts make you rage for being on and for always being AWFUL.

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6. Your whole day is ruined when you wait in for a delivery and they miss the allotted delivery slot.

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7. You can't go shopping with your friends because once you're finished in a shop, that's IT.

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8. People who walk really slowly in front of you force you to make sarcastic comments about walking speed.

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9. You always have to be the decision maker because indecision causes hemorrhaging.

10. If you book something, like a holiday, in advance, every day until then is excruciating.

11. When the person in front of you in a queue has no idea what they're doing, you have to use a day's worth of energy to not scream at them.

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12. Waiting for important results gives you too much time to FREAK OUT about the outcome.

13. Physical moments involving other people are just a bit of a faff.

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14. Teaching someone anything is out of the question unless they get it FIRST TIME.

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15. Same goes with learning - don't get it right away? Forget about it.

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16. Traffic has the ability to give you a hernia.

17. You turn into a five year old when people tease you with something you want.

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18. You've broken things before because they didn't work straight away.

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