17 Signs It’s The Start Of British Summertime

We’ve felt the first sprinkle of the suns rays and we immediately celebrated. You can keep your year round sunshine, L.A. — we don’t need it.

1. The ice cream vans start playing their joyous tunes.

…Making it the most exciting lunch break ever! OH MY GOSH MAXIBONS!

2. Parks and streets are suddenly full of men who think it’s OK to take their tops off…

Fox / Via giphy.com

…aaaand there goes my lunch.

3. Parks and beaches are suddenly fit to burst.

Flickr: arripay / Creative Commons

All these apartment dwellers need somewhere to go…

4. Every day you hear about a new festival you HAVE to go to.

Yes I’m sure it’s like the little sister of Glastonbury or whatever. I’m still not going.

5. Speaking of which, the news suddenly gets obsessed with mud.

I’m pretty sure we all know it gets very muddy at British festivals by now.

6. Some women start sporting “festival wear,” which is usually inappropriate for daily life.

Flickr: mcobby / Creative Commons

No, Glasto is not happening at your desk or in WH Smiths. Get a cardi.

7. Everyone starts to flock to Beer Gardens especially on work evenings.

Good luck finding anything that resembles a seat.

8. Again, speaking of which, day-drinking becomes socially acceptable.

CBS / Via gifbay.com

It’s above 15 degrees? Get me a cider!

9. You start to see people walking around sporting a reddish hue.

You might need to tell us again how sun cream works. We’re in denial.

10. Supermarkets sell out of anything that resembles meat or a bread roll.

Warner Bros. / Via gerwine.tumblr.com

Don’t get me started on the beer crate deals, and good luck finding a disposable BBQ anywhere.

11. You’re suddenly extremely aware of where the nearest place with air-con is.

NBC / Via giphy.com

We like the heat… but OH YES! Hello sweet sanctuary of cool air!

12. Everyone starts to take more of an interest in live outdoor sports.

SB Nation / Via giphy.com

Great excuse to sit outside all day. AND to day-drink.

13. Devon and Cornwall have to start turning people away.

Indican Pictures / Via giphy.com

Not really. But it’s not exactly an original choice for a “mini-break.”

14. You start to hear the same songs over and over again

Fox / Via gifrific.com

How many times can you really add Will Smith’s “Miami” to the work playlist?

15. You get those few that think working outside is a thing they can do.

Yep, you enjoy that laptop glare.

16. You start getting “staying inside guilt.”

Oh, Netflix, I do love you but the sun is calling my name, and you know, he asked me first.

17. And when you’ve started to think you’ve had enough of the heat, at least you can guarantee it’ll rain the next day.

BBC / Via emotiongifs.com


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