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16 Of The Funniest Fake Designer Goods

Yo guys, check out my new abidas!

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1. Anything is possible with the right vision.


2. Got a bit carried away with the stripes...

3. If you're planning a DIY job, make sure you check the spelling.

4. I really like this brand.

5. How to make your own Rolex.

6. I love that brand LGG!

7. So close, yet so far.

8. Always use a brand new marker pen.

9. Okay, they're not even trying now.

10. I LOVE your new corcs!

11. I think you'll find, it's Ralph Lauren.

12. Stencils are your friend.

13. Nobody will ever know the difference.

14. Just draw around your cat for an instant Puma t-shirt!

15. Who is Abi Ads? She sounds cool.

16. What do you mean Louis Vuitton doesn't do cars?

I beg to differ.

I beg to differ.

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