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15 Things Everyone Who Has Shared A Room Will Identify With

Have siblings? Share a room growing up? You'll know these all too well.

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1. Building make-shift tents around your bed in order to have personal space.

2. Searching for each other's diaries'.

3. Keeping each other awake at night.

4. Drawing on your siblings' face while they're asleep.

5. Having a secret place to hide all your 'important' stuff.

6. Having a secret chocolate stash...

7. ... preferably in a lockable box or a more inspired hiding place.

8. Fighting for poster space on the wall and possibly the ceiling too.

9. Arguing over the best bunk bed (and then swapping after a couple of months.)

10. Having your parents yell/bang on the wall because you don't stop chatting.

11. Chatting... for hours.

12. Having only your walkman/mp3 player to separate yourself in times of angst.

13. Getting creative in order to secretly keep talking to each other. Yogurt pots and string etc

14. One of you owning an annoying pet.

15. Playing endless hours of video games.

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