15 GIFs Of Gary Oldman Being Terrifying

Excuse me while I change my underwear…

1. Gary Oldman in Leon is the scariest performance ever.

2. Please stop pointing that gun at me, Gary…

3. Okay I’ll do whatever you say!!

4. Don’t try and lie to Gary Oldman, he can smell bullsh*t.

5. Not even children are safe from his terror.

6. Don’t put Gary Oldman in prison, he gets hella mad.

7. Bet you didn’t think anyone else in a Hannibal Lecter film could be scarier than Anthony Hopkins?


8. Watch out for being lured into a false sense of security…

9. … because any moment, Gary Oldman is going to go off-the-hook scary.

10. How about a real-life ventriloquism doll to give you nightmares until the end of time.

11. UH-OH, terrifying lighting.

12. Gary Oldman with fangs. GARY OLDMAN WITH FANGS!

14. Even doors should be terrified.

15. *Cowers in the corner*

Just kidding, Gary Oldman is a total legend, he’s not scary really!

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