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14 Times Christmas Jumpers Took It Too Far

Ho ho NO.

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1. Look, if someone doesn't want to join in, don't force them.

Let him be with his koalas.

Let him be with his koalas.

2. WHAT is this festive Chucky monstrosity?

3. There's home made and then there's home made.

4. Even the bear has one.

5. To be fair it was the wearer that took this too far, we can't blame the jumper.

6. NO, Grandma!

7. What the WHAT?

8. Is it ever okay to mutilate Rudolf for personal gain? No it is not.

9. Torn between being appalled and really wanting one of my own...

10. Is it the baby Jesus? Is it a merry extra from Alien?

11. The jumper of pervert dreams.

12. It is not okay that those 'noses' match his hair.

13. Oh you think you're so clever.

14. A Rudolf gang bang. What Christmas is all about.

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