12 Short Films You Won’t Believe Were Filmed On A Smart Phone

We can’t believe it, so you won’t believe it but believe it baby.

1. Spooky short film

You won’t see the ending coming!

2. True drama in an operation

Short films are all about building tension

3. Winner of the Nokia x SundanceLDN Short Film Competition

You really do forget this has been filmed on a phone!

4. A ghostly short film

Woooooooo-oooo-oooo (or something…)

5. An inspiring, artistic film for inspiring, artistic types

‘The Maker’ is a lovely example of short film making done well, as well as demonstrating what can be achieved with a phone camera

6. 9 Times Awarded iPhone Short Film - The Fixer

Good short films have good short titles.

7. The FIRST full length film shot on a Nokia N8


8. Trains and nostalgia = a winning recipe

Feel free to really enjoy the ‘on board’ action shots

9. Cool BMX riders being filmed doing cool BMX tricks

Another film shot on the Nokia N8, which is weird because it feels like an iPhone advert…

10. Dramatic music and dramatic scenery

It is actually incredible how well the Nokia Lumia 920 picked up this footage

11. A little bit hipster but very pretty

Lots of macro shots with a philosophical message

12. Brooding and a little bit scary

This film has some really interesting shots, the stationary camera sometimes makes you feel like you’re looking at a moving photo

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