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    Something From The Heart

    I was inspired to write this poem after I read the book: "Embraced By The Light" By: Betty J. Eadie. Regardless of Whether the events that take place in this book are true or not… There is one part that rattled me to my very core! It changed me completely! People had chosen to come here to earth as poor and homeless… sleeping outside of office buildings, on park benches, standing on street corners begging for money, food, help… and passers by were being tested every second, for their level of compassion… What if that were true? How many tests have we all failed? And what can we do to change the way we feel for those less fortunate than ourselves? I want to offer this poem and donate it as an inspiration for a charitable contribution! To open up our eyes to what is right, and just! What we are here for!

    What You Are Here For

    Have you learned what you are here to learn?

    Or will you be coming back

    To make the same mistakes

    You are here to love not hate

    I must be an old soul

    Cause when I look into the windows of yours or I hear you condemn

    I know

    You'll be coming back again

    Until you get it right

    You know we're not here to fight

    But it feels like déjà vu

    Because it's true

    That you've been here before

    And someone's keeping score

    You were brought here with knowledge

    As a tiny infant

    Of what you are here to do

    You had a heart so full of compassion

    And a love so deep and true

    But you've forgotten on your journey

    What you came here to do

    You've lost all of your innocence

    From all the influences placed on you

    Just look at the world around you

    It's filled with misery, pain, and suffering

    And history repeats itself

    Because of fear and need

    Planting in our hearts and minds

    Burying that love you started out with,

    Now you're filled with hate and greed

    Have you learned what you are here for?

    Or are you coming back to make the same mistakes again?

    We are here to love not hate!

    And on your judgment day

    When you finally realize

    What you didn't learn before

    You will feel awakened

    Be bathed in light

    Receive the gift

    Of insight

    Your heart will fill

    With the answer

    You'll realize

    You were put here for a purpose

    Something you had to get right

    You are here to find out for yourself

    Love is all there is

    We are not here to hate

    To fight

    To hurt

    Or criticize

    To slight

    To kill

    To segregate

    To have ill will

    Toward our family here on earth

    The love, compassion empathy and understanding is what we are here to learn

    And to teach it to everyone you pass

    So when it's their turn

    They can get it right the first time out

    They won't be coming back again

    Have you learned what you are here for?

    Is that comprehension on your face?

    Have you remembered what you came here for

    In this vast enormous place

    Will you pass on all your knowledge

    And plant all of your seeds

    So it doesn't take so many lifetimes

    To stop the hating and the greed!

    Or will you just be content

    After you've accomplished and fulfilled

    The lesson you came here to learn

    Will you just sit back and

    Watch it all unfold

    Never to be retold

    Cause now it's someone else's turn

    To keep repeating the same mistakes as you

    But you see

    This world will never learn

    Until each and every one of us know

    What you are here for