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    18 Small Accessories That Might Actually Help You Work Out At Home

    You don't need a fancy-schmancy gym to get RIPPED AS HECK.

    1. This double roller that comes in a super convenient mini size, so you can easily release tension in your entire body. This compact little number is perfect for smaller spaces, too, so you won't feel like you're cluttering up your home with workout equipment.

    2. This cute lil' scrunchie that'll keep your locks in place during your sweat sesh. Plus, unlike those boring old elastics you've got stashed in your bathroom, this scrunchie looks super cute, AND it won't kink your hair post-sweat sesh!

    3. A pair of ventilated training gloves that'll protect your palms and digits from the wear n' tear of dumbbells and chin-up bars. They're sweat-wicking and ventilated, so your hands won't feel ~moist~ just two minutes into your workout.

    4. A super breathable sport hijab that's designed to wick sweat and stay put, no matter how hard you're pushing through your workout. It stretches as you move, AND it even has a built-in headphone access!

    5. This sweat-wicking headband that'll keep your hair out of your face and your focus on your workout. The adjustable width is fantastic for all hair lengths, and even captures those pesky little baby hairs.

    6. These heavy-duty knee pads that'll protect your joints from impact, and will help cushion your knees during strenuous exercise. They even have a special hinged design, so you'll never feel constrained or stiff.

    7. Some studio shoes that'll give you that barefoot feelin' while still protecting your footies. No more slipping around on a sweaty yoga mat! These babies will give you optimal support, while letting you focus on your form (instead of on staying upright).

    8. This cork yoga block that'll take your practice to new ~heights~. You'll be surprised by how helpful it is — it supports you during challenging poses, which means you'll be putting less strain on your joints. And once your practice has advanced, you can use a block to improve balance and build strength.

    9. This yoga wheel that'll help you open your heart, chest, and back after strenuous exercises. Maybe you've been sitting at a desk for a while, or just went a little hard during back day — this device will help release tension and speed up recovery.

    10. A meditation cushion that'll cradle your bum when you're just trying to find your zen. But it's not just comfy! By elevating your butt, it allows your hips to relax and your spine to lengthen, effectively helping to reduce the pressure brought on by hours of sitting (thanks, Netflix binge).

    11. These jelly toe spreaders that'll help with a whole slew of foot problems. By realigning your toes, you'll be helping to relax tired, achey feet, stimulate circulation, and improve flexibility and strength.

    12. This hand exerciser that uses light resistance to combat fatigue and improve flexibility. It's designed to compensate for the gripping motion most of us find ourselves doing throughout the day. Plus, each finger band has an adjustable anchor, so you can customize the resistance however you need.

    13. This instructional yoga mat, so you'll be sure to nail every pose (even without an instructor). It's printed with alignment markers, so you never have to stress about straining your back, or falling out of a pose. It's like having a yogi right in your living room!

    14. This set of weighted bangles that'll add a bit of extra resistance to the simplest exercises. Strap 'em to your wrists or ankles, and turn your walk to the grocery store into an easy-peasy cardio workout. Or wear them during yoga if you're looking for an extra challenge. Honestly, anything is possible with these versatile little accessories.

    15. This lightweight yoga mat that's made of natural tree rubber and will keep your joints from bonking around when you're just trying to improve your Ustrasana. It's free of any yucky synthetic materials, and, as a bonus, IT DOESN'T SMELL. So you can hop right on and get to exercising (instead of airing out your mat for a few days).

    16. A hydration-tracking water bottle that quickly and easily tallies the number of times you've filled it. A dot will appear on the leak-proof cap every time you refill, so you don't have to do any math (#bless), or use a tracking app. You'll be drinking your 2 litres of water a day in NO TIME!

    17. A set of yoga dice that'll help you diversify your practice if all you want to do is chill in child's pose (because, same). Just roll the die, and hold the pose for six breaths. There are plenty of poses to choose from — you'll be able to work your way through the seven asana categories, or you can just practice Shivasana for a few hours. No judgement.

    18. And lastly, this stretching strap that'll ease strain during deep stretches or binds — at home or in the studio! You'll be able to extend your reach, correct your alignment, or just support yourself if your practice is a bit shaky today.

    Let's get ~physical~!

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