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    Ways To Make You Feel Like An Absolute Boss In Your Home Office

    "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss." - Beyoncé

    1. Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you need to miss your morning coffee. This pint-sized espresso machine gives you coffee-shop quality coffee from the comfort of your home (office). Because ya girl needs her caffeine.

    2. Coffee not your thing? Get yourself this stylish glass teapot and infuser set instead. It's even got a tea cozy so you can brew a pot and get right back to work.

    3. Look ultra professional during video conferences while wearing this sleek classic turtleneck. No one needs to know that you're not wearing pants.

    4. Give your home office a zen vibe with these faux succulents that will survive no matter where you plant them.

    5. Create a professional space to work with this folding desk. Unlike traditional L-shaped desks, this one can be configured for left- or right-handed people alike, so you can maximize efficiency and comfort.

    6. ~Elevate~ your tech game with this lightweight laptop stand that'll help keep you from doing your best Quasimodo impression and hunching over your screen all day long.

    7. You don't always have to be chained to your boring old desk chair to get your best work done, so try this super comfy armchair. It's perfect for curling up and getting creative.

    8. The air can start to feel musty if you're stuck inside all day, but this scented candle will freshen up your space. It's no replacement for a brisk walk in the park, but it'll keep you from going stir-crazy!

    9. Surround yourself with soothing music while you're plowing through your to-do list with these powerful Sonos Bluetooth speakers. They'll almost make you forget that you're on a deadline. Almost.

    10. Working from home is great, but sometimes things can get a bit noisy. Snag yourself these highly-rated noise-cancelling wireless headphones that'll block out all ambient noise and help you focus.

    11. You don't want to be tethered to an outlet all day, so get this wireless charger to juice up your devices. It's fast and looks great on your desk, so you don't have to sacrifice style for utility.

    12. You never know when you might need to hop out quickly for an impromptu meeting, so make sure you're dressed for it with these comfy-yet-stylish lounge pants.

    13. Getting this energy-efficient desk lamp is a bright idea. With a five colour modes and seven brightness levels, you can choose whatever setting is suitable for you.

    14. Keep your keister comfy with this bestselling office chair cushion. It can make sitting at your desk much more tolerable.

    15. Technology may be advancing, but nothing replaces a good old-fashioned refillable notebook. Jot down your best ideas, keep track of your to-do list, or just draw that weird "S" that everyone drew in middle school.

    16. Keep things organized and tidy with this handy (and highly-rated!) desk organizer. You'll never have to rattle around frantically for a pen during a conference call ever again.

    17. Protect yourself against unexpected power outages and computer crashes with this heavy-duty portable hard drive. It's compatible with any operating system, and boasts lightning-fast file transfers.

    18. You need a good writing utensil. No one wants to receive notes written in pencil. These needle-tip pens have a precision tip to ensure smooth and sharp writing from the second it hits the paper. The ink is also fade-resistant!

    19. Ever get unexplained headaches or bleary eyes after staring at your computer all day? Get yourself a pair of these blue light blocking glasses that will help prevent eye strain and fatigue, no matter how many hours you're putting in.

    20. Use these cord wraps to keep all the plugs, cables, and power chords in your home office neat and organized. Otherwise you'll wind up more tangled than a pair of headphones.

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