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    25 Things That'll Make Working From Home Suck A Whole Lot Less

    Coffee machines, indoor gardens, meditation headbands, and more!

    1. This bear-shaped enamelled steel organizer that'll take your bearly presentable desk space and transform it into an organized paradise. It will hold all your bills, magazines, and letters. And reviewers love that it can be mounted on the wall, too.

    2. This gold set of desktop organizers that'll make short work of ~desk mess~. I love the little balls on the base that prevent scratching. And with four different pieces, you're sure to find a place for basically everything!

    3. This Himalayan salt essential oil diffuser that releases healing negative ions when heated, while acting as a portable humidifier and diffusing your favourite aromatherapy scent. It's a self-care triple threat!

    4. This whimsical cork board that looks like art when it's empty, but is also an easy way to store things like concert tickets, receipts, or photos. It can also be really handy if you live in a home with a lot of people and consistently have trouble keeping schedules straight!

    5. A countertop phone holder, so you can easily track any new messages you get throughout the day. Even though it's designed to be used in the bathroom, I'd say this rounded dish can go just about anywhere. Plus, it's a great way to store rings or other small jewelry.

    6. A Click and Grow garden that'll help you still get your fruits and veggies when you just can't make it to the grocery store. And it's super low maintenance, too, so it won't take away from your workday.

    7. These Urban Ears Bluetooth headphones that'll block out all ambient noise and help you focus, while still being incredibly cushy and comfy. Unlike some other over-the-ear headphones, these ones are light enough to wear for longer periods of time, too.

    8. These Sonos speakers so you can surround yourself with beautiful music. They'll almost make you forget that you're still (technically) working.

    9. Some eucalyptus room and linen spray to help clear out sinuses if spending so much time at home makes your nostrils feel a bit stuffy. Spritz a bit on your bed sheets, towels, or even just around your room to refresh and clarify your space.

    10. A lap desk that's also a portable tray. It's perfect for bringing your work necessities (snacks included) with you when you relocate to the couch. The foam pad conforms to your body, so you won't have to stress about it tipping over.

    11. This state-of-the-art meditation headband that's like having a personal meditation guide. Using a bunch of sensors, it measures brain activity and customizes nature sounds to fit. A calm mind might result in soft rainfall, while an active mind could cause thunderstorms or roaring waves. Reviewers say it's made meditation noticeably easier, and helped ease their anxiety.

    12. This sumptuous velvet armchair that'll be a lovely spot to take a well-deserved break. You can even use it as an office chair, if the standard wheelie version is too dull for you.

    13. Some comfy, yet stylish lounge pants that are a lot less restrictive than typical work attire, but won't make you feel like you're just chillin' in sweatpants. The slim ankle makes them flattering enough to wear to an impromptu meeting, too.

    14. This office chair cushion with over 14,000 reviews that'll keep your keister happy from morning 'til night. It'll make sitting at your desk a million times more tolerable (I did the math).

    15. This double-sided sherpa blanket, so you can curl up on the sofa while answering emails. Reviewers love how soft and cuddly it is. And it's a big hit with pets, too!

    16. This HEPA air purifier that'll help give the air a nice deep clean. If you're spending a little extra time at home, you'll appreciate the three-stage filtration system that captures pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, dust particles, odour, plus 99.97% of allergens. Plus, it's ultra quiet, so it won't drive you crazy with annoying humming!

    17. These dimmable touch-activated table lamps that allow you to toggle between three brightness levels and multiple colours. Adjust the lighting from ultra bright in the morning, to dimmer in the evening — it'll help keep your circadian rhythm in sync.

    18. These bestselling resistance bands that'll help you squeeze in a quick workout on your "lunch break." You'll be able to tone your booty, improve your flexibility, or just add an extra challenge during other bodyweight exercises.

    19. This pyjama set that's cute enough to wear all day (because let's face it — you're definitely staying in your pyjamas). The soft fabric will also keep you comfortable while you sleep!

    20. A pair of these sound-reducing ear plugs that will filter out eardrum damaging decibels. Reviewers say they're incredible at dampening annoying sounds without completely deafening the user.

    21. The easy-to-install ecobee3 smart thermostat that can save you up to 23% on heating and cooling costs. And it works with any Alexa device, too, so you can easily adjust the temperature without getting up from your chair.

    22. A pair of these blue light blocking glasses that will help prevent eye strain and fatigue, no matter how many hours you're putting in. Studies show that blue-light blocking glasses can help prevent headaches and bleary eyes, too.

    23. This light therapy lamp is beloved by reviewers for it's mood-boosting properties. If you're not getting outside as much lately, this lamp is a must-have. It provides full-spectrum, UV-free light that's also incredibly helpful for regulating sleep schedules, or aiding with jet lag and insomnia.

    24. These cord wraps that will help keep all the plugs, cables, and power chords in your home office neat and organized. Otherwise, you'll wind up more tangled than a pair of headphones.

    25. And lastly, this pint-sized espresso machine that'll give you coffee-shop quality coffee from the comfort of your home (office). Because ya girl needs her caffeine and making a latte is a lot harder than it seems.

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