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    These Multitasking Serums Are Both Dermatologist- And OBGYN-Tested

    Products so good, you'll be ditching your complicated routine in a hurry.

    Hey, pals, it's your friendly neighbourhood skincare addict! If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last little while, I'm sure you'll agree that there are almost too many products to choose from.

    And honestly, you should definitely be doing your due diligence. If you have sensitive skin, any kind of hormonal imbalances, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, finding something that works can feel like an impossible task.

    So colour me surprised when I found Versine Skincare. The brand is not only dermatologist-tested (we love a seal of approval!), but also OBGYN-tested, which means none of their products contain any potentially disruptive ingredients.

    the two serum bottles next to their carton packaging

    Now let's talk ingredients! Did you know that common skincare additives (like retinol, bakuchiol, and glycolic acid) should be avoided during pregnancy?

    Listen, I hear you. Skincare is seriously personal and having to give up your fave products can be really difficult (especially if you're *loving* those results). So let's break things down, shall we?

    If you're on the hunt for a clarifying serum that'll be oh-so-gentle on your sensitive skin (while still tackling things like hyperpigmentation, the occasional unwelcome pimple, and dry skin), look no further than the Gentle Actives Clarity Crème-Serum.

    a bottle of the creme serum next to fresh cut citrus fruit

    Or maybe, your skin is a touch on the ~naughtier~ side and you're searching for something with a little more *oomph*? Enter: Gentle Actives Crème-Serum with Azelaic Acid.

    a bottle of the azelaic acid serum tucked into some fresh flowers

    I mean, just look at that texture!

    a person rubbing the cream serum into their hand

    Still not convinced? No sweat — I've got a before-and-after shot that'll make you a believer.

    a before and after where the after shows noticeably smoother skin with less hyperpigmentation

    And how about this sweet pic, showing off the straight-up magical effects of the Crème-Serum for sensitive skin?

    A person's skin texture before and after using the product

    Honestly, there's no better time to find yourself a new holy grail product. And since the Versine serums are so versatile and easy to use (again: you could skip the moisturizer after if you're in a rush!), you won't even miss that complicated ten-step routine you were using before.

    a person applying the serum to their face

    The Versine serums also come in glass bottles and are packaged in fully recyclable, non-laminated cartons, so that's one more thing you can feel good about.

    the pair of serums on a stylishly arranged background

    So, all that's to say, if you were thinking of switching up your skincare routine, it's about time you checked out Versine Skincare.

    What's not to love here?