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    43 Geeky Gifts To Give Your Favourite Nerd This Valentine's Day

    Let's get nerdy.

    1. This screaming goat for the person who considers themselves a bit of a memelord and is always spamming the group chat with new annoying memes. It also makes a great gag gift, if you and your partner aren't really into the whole Valentine's Day thing.

    2. A sexy Geralt figurine that recreates that iconic scene from The Witcher. All that's missing is Henry Cavill's toned booty.

    3. These blank floppy disc coasters are a great gift to give anyone who wishes we could go back to simpler times. Unlike real floppy discs, these are made of flexible silicone. They might not be able to save a document, but they can save someone's precious coffee table!

    4. These hand-painted Star Wars salt and pepper shakers are not only an awesome collector's item, but they'll actually come in handy, too! Gift them to the Star Wars fan in your life, whether they still wax nostalgic over the release of A New Hope, if they're geeking out over The Mandalorian (baby Yoda IS pretty adorable).

    5. This set of Game of Thrones wine glasses that'll inspire them to drink and know things. Don't let them be like Jon Snow, who, as we all know, knows nothing.

    6. This Witcher polyurethane wallet that's embossed with the show's iconic wolf motif. It might not be as rustic as Jaskier's coin purse, but who carries coins around nowadays, anyway?

    7. This nostalgia T-shirt that's a funny way to poke fun at how far technology has come. It'll remind the geek in your life of the good old days of VHS tapes, cassettes, and floppy discs. Nothing sounded more like Friday night in the '90s than rewinding a VHS rental from Blockbuster!

    8. This handmade "Tree of Gondor" tobacco pipe is sure to be a smoking hot gift for any Lord of the Rings fans. They'll be able to smoke the last of the Longbottom leaf after a successful siege of Isengard.

    9. This Star Trek Starfleet insignia silicone mould will help take their cooking game to the ~final frontier~. They can use it to make cool ice cubes, for funky Jello-O shots, or for making candy or chocolate. The possibilities are as endless as deep space.

    10. A replica of Frodo's sword, Sting, from Lord of the Rings. It might not glow bright blue when orcs are around, but it'll definitely look awesome as part of a collection.

    11. The Silmarillion, the collaborative prologue to Lord of the Rings that Tolkien worked on with his son. The story delves deeper into the history of Middle Earth, and will satisfy any burning questions LOTR fans may have had after reading (or watching) Tolkien's seminal works.

    12. These circuit board cufflinks that'll add an element of ~geek chic~ to their next fancy-pants outing.

    13. These Star Trek USS Enterprise patent prints that show the patents filed between 1981 and 1990 of the iconic ship. It'll inspire them to explore strange new decor options!

    14. The Game of Thrones version of Settlers of Catan that pits players against each other as they vie for the coveted position of Lord Commander. And they won't even have to take the black to battle wildlings, White Walkers, and giants!

    15. This Super Mario Bros. mini question block night light that'll level up their decor. Just like the question block in the iconic game, this light is touch-operated — they'll just have to give it a bop to turn it on and off!

    16. This LEGO-inspired coffee cup that'll prevent their mug from being stolen at the office (AGAIN). Each one comes with two packs of bricks that'll let them customize the vibe of their beverage. It's also awesome for anyone who gets a little ~tWiTChy~ after too much caffeine.

    17. This Jon Snow keychain that'll demonstrate to everyone that they know nothing. He even has the same forlorn look as the real Jon Snow!

    18. Vader's Little Princess, the illustrated story of Vader raising his rebellious daughter Leia, that'll be a hilarious addition to their bookshelf — not to mention a great way to get little ones into the Star Wars series!

    19. A gold-plated One Ring wedding band will let them know that you only need one love to rule them all. It won't turn anyone invisible, but it IS cobalt-free, hypoallergenic, and made of lightweight titanium.

    20. A set of these lab-inspired shot glasses that'll be a Germanium Nickel Uranium Sulfur (GeNiUS) addition to their bar cart, plus a great conversation starter at their next study group.

    21. This Star Wars vintage graphic tee that'll finally let them demonstrate their allegiance to the Empire.

    22. This Exploding Kittens: NSFW edition that'll be instantly recognizable to any avid boardgamers. It has the same rules as the original, with the fun addition of a few (okay, more than a few) naughty additions. Bring on the boob wizards!

    23. These microfibre Rick and Morty bedsheets that aren't a portal gun, but they'll transport your geeky partner to dreamland faster than they can say, "Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!" They'll have everyone begging for them to show me what you got!

    24. These light saber chopsticks that'll show everyone that they are a True Fan®, impress dinner guests, plus help them eat their favourite Asian-inspired cuisine.

    25. That's no moon, it's a Death Star vinyl wall clock that'll make a handsome addition to the decor of any cinephile. Maybe they love movie memorabilia, or maybe they're just a fan of George Lucas' iconic work, but this clock is still a great collectible item to add to any collection.

    26. A silicone sword tea infuser that's the perfect accessory for their knightly cup of tea. It even has a handy little hilt to avoid any burns.

    27. This adorable Funko Pop figurine that'll ensure Ghost lives on forever in your home, and in your heart (even though he didn't appear much in the latest season of Game of Thrones).

    28. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook so they can whip up a fresh batch of Cauldron Cakes or even a Knickerbocker Glory (screw you, Dudley).

    29. This colour-changing dinosaur mug that'll let them watch the flesh dissolve off a once-majestic dino as they pour themselves a hot beverage.

    30. A pair of Spock socks that are perfect for every ~TREK~. Whether they're exploring deep space, or just revisiting Starfleet Academy, these will keep their feet looking fly AF.

    31. The Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners that details the most unusual, secretive, and bizarre places in the world.

    32. A beautiful set of glass brain slice coasters that are guaranteed to get the conversation going at their next dinner party. It's really a no-brainer, you guys.

    33. This hilarious card game that'll encourage the use of some colourful language. Scientists tell us that people who swear have higher IQs, so this is a clear choice! You know, in the name of science.

    34. A Back to the Future vanity plate so they can quickly let everyone know that not only are they very cool, but also extremely busy.

    35. This sneaky boardgame, Code Names, that'll satisfy their James Bond fantasies at their next game night. It's a game of reasoning, logic, and espionage!

    36. This EMT Meal Transport bag that's pretty much guaranteed to keep sticky fingers away from those leftovers they've been waiting all day to munch on.

    37. Neil deGrasse Tyson's Death By Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandries, the book that'll take them on a journey through the cosmos without ever leaving their couch. It addresses myriad of cosmic questions that are as wide-ranging and expansive as space itself.

    38. This microwavable s'mores maker that'll allow them to enjoy the pure gooey pleasure of s'mores from the comfort of their home. No tent set-up necessary!

    39. This tongue-in-cheek (or tongue-in-somewhere-else) cookbook that'll address the topic of baking (and ~the birds and the bees~) in one neat little package. They might even learn something 😏.

    40. Dead Fred, the handy desktop pen/pencil holder that'll bring some of that killer vibe into their home office. True crime dramas are having a moment, people!

    41. A beautiful vinyl-bound boxed set of Tolkien's most popular works that'll let them display these evergreen classics with pride. It may be over 80 years since its publication, but everyone knows that The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are timeless!

    42. This handy little tea-steeping robot that'll terminate any loose tea shrapnels in their next beverage. Skynet may not have taken over the world JUST yet, but it's inevitable!

    43. And lastly, this Pac-Man Connect and Play-12 game set that'll let them relive their younger days. Pac-Man basically launched the video game industry as we know it, so it's only right to pay him the homage he deserves.

    You'll catch them ridin' nerdy in no time:

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