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    24 Useful Things You Didn't Know You Needed, But Will Be Really Glad You Got

    Because life is hard enough already.

    1. This cute cable protector that'll prevent your charging cord from bending and fraying. Never again will you be faced with a cable that's barely keeping it together (I mean, honestly, same), or that stops working right when you need it. This little teddy will make sure of it!

    2. This soothing and hydrating oatmeal mask that feels like giving your skin a chill pill. In just ten minutes, even the driest, most stressed skin will feel relaxed, hydrated, and happy. And as a bonus, it fights free radicals, too!

    3. These freeze-dried green juice tablets that'll make it easier than ever to get the right serving of greens. Each one is packed with kale, spirulina, wheatgrass, aloe, spinach, and a bunch of other goodies. Just pop one in a glass of water whenever you want a big, juicy punch of antioxidants and vitamin C.

    4. This handy callus remover that'll transform even the roughest troll feet into smooth, silky tootsies. This waterproof roller gently buffs away hard, callused skin, so you can get your feet ready for the warmer weather — no salon visit necessary.

    5. This air purifier that doubles as an essential oil diffuser, so you can create the optimal sleeping conditions in your bedroom. Those nighttime allergies are a thing of the past! It operates super quietly, too, so you won't be kept awake by an incessant humming.

    6. This starter kit that'll make owning a new pupper a thousand times easier. Sure, you might not be able to keep them from having an accident on your favourite rug, but it DOES contain everything you need to start your journey to dog parenthood. There's a collapsible bowl, a spiffy bow-tie, and a bunch of other goodies that'll help you welcome Spot into your home and your heart.

    7. This utility bracelet that discretely houses a whole slew of tools and gadgets. Ever needed to fix a bike, open a package, or tighten a screw on the fly? Now you can. And it's made of rust-resistant steel, so you know it'll last as long as you need it to.

    8. This tiny cellphone jail that'll actually help you get off your phone. Lock your favourite accessory up the next time you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through the 'gram, or reading too much of the news. Thank me later!

    9. This guide to cocktail-making that's neatly sub-categorized by alcohol so you can whip up a stiff beverage in no time — and make it look easy as hell, too! Rifle through one of eight notebooks to get inspired, or just learn a few new tricks.

    10. These dermal patches that'll help you manage your energy levels throughout the day. Snag the daytime patches to deliver a boost of energy thanks to B12, caffeine, and green tea extract. Or use the nighttime patches (infused with valerian root, melatonin, and hops) to help you wind down in the evening.

    11. This handy sleep monitoring device, so you can track your slumber and maybe figure out where the issues lie. All you need to do is slip on the silicone tracking ring, and the device does the rest. It tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels, tossing and turning, and it even gently vibrates to signal you to change positions if it detects sleep apnea.

    12. This garlic and ginger tool that not only makes short work of chopping and grating, but also helps to remove unpleasant odours from your hands. Use the smooth stainless steel underbelly to remove cloves from their papery shells, then crush them using the ridged edges. Or you can grate your herbs and roots on the ridged centre!

    13. A cookbook that'll help you plan out your weekly meals and shop accordingly. Not only will meticulous planning save you money in the long run, but you'll feel better knowing you're wasting less food. Plus, these recipes look absolutely delicious and will make dinner prep a whole lot easier.

    14. This cheerful book light that'll make it easier than ever to read "just one more chapter" when your partner has fallen asleep and you don't want to turn the light on. The clamp design means you can clip it just about anywhere, too, making it the perfect companion for small tasks or crafting.

    15. These organic hangover prevention patches that'll replenish all the vitamins you lost, and give you a little boost of energy to get you through the day. The key is applying the patch BEFORE you start drinking, so the powerful antioxidants can work their magic while you have a good time.

    16. This cute lil' fish umbrella, because you never know when Mother Nature will pull a fast one on you. Sure, umbrellas are kind of a no-brainer, but how many times have you found yourself in a downpour, sans umbrella, because the only ones you own are those weird giant golf ones? Exactly.

    17. This ~cheeky~ sheet mask that'll plump your rump and give it the star treatment it (let's face it) deserves. This detoxifying mask will have your bottom looking bootyful and rejuvenated in just a few minutes! Plus, it's also a great way to nourish skin during pregnancy.

    18. These bear-y cute hand warmers that will help keep your mitts warm when they're feeling a bit frosty. These USB-powered mammals have adjustable heat settings, too, so you can stay cozy without overheating.

    19. These biodegradable washcloths that are specially designed to be used all over your body. They're saturated with a ton of skin-loving oils (like jojoba, tea tree, and clary sage), making them super versatile and gentle on even your most delicate areas.

    20. This lovely little humidifier that'll keep the air in your home pleasantly moist (and fight dry skin and allergens like nobody's business). Take it from a friend — moisture in the air is what'll help you sleep better, will make your skin look better, and will stop rampaging dust bunnies from taking over your apartment. And this guy is small enough to tuck into just about any corner!

    21. This striped cotton face mask that'll keep germs and bacteria at bay. Unlike some face masks, these can be reused as many times as you want, and can be tossed in with regular laundry when it's time to get it all clean again. And with adjustable tie straps, you'll always have a comfy fit.

    22. This body brush that'll help you fight back against annoying ingrown hairs and rough, dry skin. The natural sisal fibres are derived from the agave plant, and are fantastic at sloughing away dead skin cells and preventing pore blockage. You can even use this for dry brushing before hopping it in the shower!

    23. This adorable bunny fan that'll help keep you cool when the going gets tough. The teeny desk size means you'll definitely be able to fit it into your workspace — no matter how disorganized it is! Plus, it's cute as heck.

    24. And lastly, these pocket-size hand sanitizers that are as cute as they are disinfecting. They're lightly scented, and made with 67% alcohol to help eliminate up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. And the tiny packaging means keeping them in your pocket or bag is easy-peasy.

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