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    23 Awesome Tech Gifts That'll Make You A Fave This Holiday Season

    *Cue awed gasps*

    1. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera will let them take artsy macro shots, selfies, or just photograph their friends and family — then give the instantly-printed picture as a gift! No more fumbling around with multiple lenses, tripods, or other accessories. Tech gifts don't have to be complicated or fussy!

    2. This Anker wireless charger will free them from a lifetime of tethered charging. It's universally compatible with nearly all smartphones (with or without cases), so they won't have to worry about keeping up with their latest gadgets.

    3. These bestselling Tile Mates will help them keep track of all their belongings, no matter how hectic their schedule gets. These handy tracking nuggets can be attached to their luggage, phone, work bag, passport holder, or wallet. Plus, they're compatible with all Alexa devices!

    4. This RFID-blocking card that'll keep their personal information safe from electronic hackers and identity thieves. All they have to do is insert this card into their wallet or pocket, and it'll get to work on jamming the signal from any scanner.

    5. This rechargeable percussion massager is perfect after a stressful day, week, or month. They may not want to dish out $$$ to go to an expensive masseuse, but this comes in at a close second.

    6. This award-winning watch is specially designed for the visually impaired — plus it looks sexy as heck, too! Taking inspiration from Braille, the face has raised elements to detect time, plus two magnetically attached ball bearings that move to denote minutes and hours.

    7. This Cableyoyo will keep their headphone cords neatly rolled and tangle free. They can use it for their charging cables, too!

    8. A universally compatible dual USB/USB-C charger so they never have to worry about running out of juice the next time their flight is delayed and all the outlets are being monopolized by other stranded passengers.

    9. This multi-tool pen that has seven functions, is air travel-friendly, and writes smoothly and durably. Plus it has a built-in stylus, bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, mini flat-head, ruler, and a phone stand. We love a one-and-done gift!

    10. This HP Sprocket portable photo printer can quickly print their favourite images anywhere, any time. They'll be able to hand them out at the next family get-together, gift them as party favours, or keep them as fun travel souvenirs, thanks to this pocket-sized device.

    11. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds will help drown out the chaos, and stay put no matter what they're doing — whether it's running through the mall to finish last-minute shopping, sprinting through the airport terminal, or slip-sliding on ice-covered sidewalks. Yes, it all counts as cardio.

    12. A Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker that'll make sure they never miss a step, whether they're catching the train on their morning commute, or cramming in a few more hot yoga classes before the end of the year. It'll track their steps and activity, heart rate, calories burned, distance travelled, and even sleep cycles, so they can stay on top of their health.

    13. This bestselling portable power bank that'll keep their mobile devices (including tablets!) up and running for as long as they need them, because sometimes getting access to an outlet is impossible.

    14. This cleaning kit will keep all their tech looking spick and span. It'll clean all the fingerprints, dried-up sauce, and miscellaneous crust that's built up on their phone screen without damaging the device. The next time they ask you to take a picture using their phone, you won't visibly cringe at the thought!

    15. A portable Bluetooth speaker with enhanced bass and extra-long playtime. It's the perfect accessory to keep the party going, or create atmosphere wherever they go.

    16. A foldable Bluetooth eye massager that uses air pressure, vibration, and a hot compress to help reduce eye fatigue, dark circles, and stress. It can even play their favourite music from their smartphone!

    17. A Nintendo Switch that'll keep them just as entertained while they're chillin' on the couch, as it will on their morning commute. The controllers can be attached to the console for solo gaming, or used as individual controllers during team gameplay. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

    18. Or, if they already have the Switch, these Joy-Con controllers will add some ~joy~ to the Switch gaming experience. Sure, they can be attached to the console for handheld mode, but they'll also be able to share with friends (*cough* you *cough*) for some two-player action. Let's hope they're into sharing!

    19. This Razer DeathAdder Elite Esports gaming mouse is lightning fast, incredibly responsive, and accurate to within 99.4% resolution accuracy. If you don't know what that means, don't worry! It's basically the Ferrari of gaming equipment. If you're thinking of what to buy your Esports-obsessed friend, niece, nephew, child, or partner, you can stop looking — this is it.

    20. This ultra slim iPhone X case will keep their favourite device looking slim and sexy while protecting it from nicks and bumps. It even has a raised edge around the camera to protect it from surprise scratches. It's the next best thing to going case-free — without the risk!

    21. An Echo Dot that'll make them think they've hired a personal assistant. It's also a great speaker — crystal-clear sound and a smart compact design make this an obvious winner. Alexa, play "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.

    22. This awesome touch-activated levitating light bulb lamp will be a fun addition to any decor, plus a funky conversation starter at their next get-together.

    23. And lastly, this electronics repair kit that has all the tools necessary to keep their favourite devices running for a long, long time. Whether it's a malfunctioning Apple Watch, a glitchy Nintendo console, or anything else in between, this highly-rated kit has a tool to fix it.

    Everyone, after they open their awesome new gifts: