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    21 Stylish Accessories That'll Turn Up The Heat On All Your Summertime Outfits

    I'm ready for all that summertime heat, baby!

    1. An opalescent phone case that'll give your fave device a seasonal makeover. The slim profile won't take up every inch of space in your bag, either!

    2. A set of tie-dyed scrunchies that'll keep your mane off your neck during the dog days of summer. Unlike regular hair ties, these are super gentle on strands, so you won't have to stress about breakage and frizz.

    3. Or this set of 65 different scrunchies, if you love having a plethora of choices. It comes with just about every style you can imagine, including silky, velvety, and patterned options.

    4. This huge jute bag that's big enough for all your hot weather essentials. The handles are woven right into the bag, so they'll stand up to all your hefty hauls (like bringing drinks to a park, for example).

    A large jute bag perched poolside

    5. A pair of chunky, white-hot shades that'll add some ~oomph~ to your summer looks. They're big enough to protect your peepers from harmful rays, while still being lightweight, so they won't keep sliding down your sweaty nose.

    A person wearing a pair of chunky sunglasses while looking into the camera

    6. A stylish utility belt that'll save your shoulders from the wear and tear of regular purses. It's easy to adjust and has separate compartments and clips to help keep your doodads organized.

    A person wearing the stylish utility belt around their waist over an oversized suit jacket

    7. A linen scarf that's sure to be one of your fave summertime accessories. Because it's so lightweight, you can use it for everything from a bathing suit coverup to a cozy shawl on chilly summer nights.

    8. A tropical lil' keyring that'll make it easy to find your keys in an overstuffed bag. It's made of durable leather, and reviewers say the ring is big enough to hold several sets of keys.

    A leather pineapple-shaped keychain

    9. A pair of quilted slingback sandals that'll look cute as heck with all your breezy outfits and won't leave your feet feeling sore and achey. They have easily adjustable straps (thanks, Velcro!), so you'll always have a perfect fit.

    A pair of quilted strappy sandals

    10. This sorbet-hued necklace that'll pay homage to the shell jewellery of the early aughts. Instead of flimsy elastic, these shell discs are strung on an extendable chain that'll stand up to all your warm weather adventures.

    A person wearing the colourful shell necklace and looking into the camera

    11. A minimalist raincoat that'll protect your perfect outfit from unexpected storms. Plus, it has a super-soft lining that won't feel scratchy or sticky on your bare skin.

    A person wearing a thigh-length raincoat

    12. These oversized barrettes that'll keep baby hairs at bay and help lock in your ~lewk~. They're sturdy enough for all hair types, while being more flexible than regular plastic versions.

    Two matching barrettes snapped onto the underside of someone's top bun

    13. A pair of teensy heart studs that'll tuck right in between all your other piercings. They're made of gold-plated sterling silver, so you could comfortably leave them in all summer long.

    A close-up of a heart-shaped stud earring in someone's ear lobe

    14. A floppy oversized bucket hat that'll conceal second-day hair and save you the effort of *actually* styling it. When the temps really skyrocket, you'll be glad to have this chapeau in your arsenal.

    A person wearing a floppy oversized straw bucket hat

    15. Or a soft straw visor if wearing hats just ain't your bag. Reviewers love that it fits neatly over thick hair and say it holds its shape really well (even after being rolled up in a beach bag).

    16. A pair of oversized sunnies that'll dress up even the most basic outfit. They have slim temples to keep things from getting too clunky, so you'll be able to comfortably rock 'em all day long.

    A person wearing large heart-shaped sunglasses

    17. A bathing suit cover-up that'll help you hit the pool in style. It's breezy enough to keep you from overheating and will help protect you from getting a lil' too much sun.

    Someone wearing the colourful cover-up while lounging by the pool

    18. A pair of fishnet ankle socks that'll pair perfectly with your favourite cropped and cuffed pants. Thanks to the stretchy weave, your tender tootsies won't overheat, either.

    19. This cute leather wristlet that's just big enough to store your necessities, without weighing you down. This petite purse has three discreet compartments and a little cardholder, so you could even ditch your wallet if you wanted to.

    20. A cotton neckerchief that you can also use to conceal your sweaty hair. It's made of gauze-y cotton that won't cause your noodle to overheat in the depth of summer.

    21. And lastly, these rainbow no-tie silicone shoelaces that'll never get dirty, dingy, or destroyed (and will make putting on shoes less of a bother). Like regular laces, they can be adjusted for tightness — reviewers say they're even comfortable on wider feet!

    A pair of sneakers with the silicone shoe laces threaded through them

    Is that the summer heat, or just you?

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