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    46 Cool & Stylish Gadgets For Your Kitchen, Because You Spend All Your Time In There Anyway

    Gadgets so good, you might decide to take up home cooking.

    1. A 2-in-1 silicone whisk that's basically the adult version of a Transformer. A quick twist and you can turn your whisk into a flexible spatula that'll handle delicate items (like fish) with basically zero effort.

    Two hands holding the spatula in two configurations

    2. A cheerful little waste bin that'll help hide all your kitchen scraps. Reviewers love that the lid opens easily (and stays that way while you use it), making it super simple for even the youngest family member to toss things inside.

    3. A small, stylish rhino-shaped knife sharpener that will restore your kitchen blades to their shiny, sharp former glory. This lil' guy even has non-slip feet to make the entire process even easier.

    4. This onion keeper that'll contain pungent odours and keep them from tainting the other things in your fridge. Plus, it does double duty to actually preserve the flavour of your fave allium, so you won't ever have to suffer that weird ~fridge~ taste again.

    The onion saver tipped open on a counter to show the red onion inside

    5. A slim cutlery drainer you'll definitely need if you're not lucky enough to have a dishwasher. It has a handy concealed base that'll keep your countertops dry, too!

    A fully loaded cutlery drainer on a countertop next to some clean dishes

    6. These ~sheepish~ little pot lid lifters that will help prevent things from boiling over. They fit securely over the edge of pots to help steam escape (and keep your soups, stews, and sauces from ending up on your cooktop).

    One sheep-shaped silicone lid lifter attached to the edge of a cast iron pot

    7. A pastel-coloured can opener that's actually cute enough to leave on display. According to reviewers, it's also incredibly sturdy and can tackle even the toughest metal cans with ease (and with minimal hand strain, too).

    An open can of tomatoes next to some cheese, garlic, and toast with the can opener perched on top

    8. This paper towel holder that'll keep the roll from unravelling in its entirety the next time you just want to wipe your hands. It hugs the roll just tight enough to make single-handed tears possible, which you'll be grateful for the next time you're elbow-deep in meal prep!

    A close up of the holder on a kitchen countertop

    9. An under-mounted wine glass rack that'll save you a ton of space in your cupboards. Reviewers say it's easy to install under just about any cabinet, and can even be customized to fit!

    The undermounted rack containing six wine glasses in a neat kitchen

    10. This set of cherry measuring spoons with an egg-separating leaf that'll make baking homemade treats a breeze. Reviewers love that unlike other measuring spoons, these lie flat (even when they're full of ingredients), so you'll have less of a mess to clean up once you're done.

    The measuring spoons arranged next to some confectionary ingredients

    11. An adorable tea infuser that's shaped like a lil' Loch Ness monster. Reviewers say that it's a great alternative to traditional metal sieves, because it actually keeps the tea leaves inside the strainer (and not floating in your glass).

    Two loch ness tea infusers on a kitchen table with some toast and mail

    12. A handy double dish that'll become your new favourite snack bowl. The removable top section is perfect for serving munchies, while the larger bottom section catches debris (like pistachio shells, olive pits, or edamame pods).

    A flatlay of the bowl filled with pistachios next to some frosty drinks

    13. A set of candy-coloured silicone utensils that'll help you turn, flip, drain, scoop, and baste all your culinary creations. The non-stick tips won't scratch your non-stick cookware, either!

    14. An insulated carafe that'll keep your hot beverages toasty for up to 12 hours (or your frosty ones ~chilled out~ for a whole dang day). It's incredibly comfortable to use, which means fewer spills, slips, and accidents.

    15. A cute salt cellar with dual compartments to give you space for fancy, flaky salts and classic table salt — all in one cement container! Since it naturally regulates moisture, your salt won't turn into a large, solid mass, either.

    The open cellar filled with white salt with the wooden spoon dipped into it

    16. A chic ceramic sponge holder, so you never have to leave a wet sponge on your counter ever again. Even though it's made of ceramic, it's built to withstand kitchen traffic — which means no chipping, fading, or staining.

    The ceramic sponge holder that's shaped like an old fashioned Mason jar

    17. This coffee canister that'll keep your beans fresh for longer. It may look like a standard container, but it's packed with handy features — like a two-way valve lid that locks out air and releases CO2, which keeps coffee beans from tasting stale.

    The coffee canister on a wooden counter

    18. This Mason jar juicer lid that'll turn ordinary jars into lean, mean, juicing machines. This baby is genius! It's made of recycled plastic, and features a hidden screen that'll filter out pulp and seeds.

    A close up of the juicer lid on a Mason jar filled with orange juice

    19. These brightly-hued silicone fermenting lids that'll fit inside all your Mason jars, and help you make delectable pickles right at home. Thanks to their unique little spout, they help discharge the gases that build up during fermentation, while also helping to keep your goods from going mouldy.

    20. This spoon holder and steam releaser that'll do double duty to keep your pot from boiling over and give you a place to rest your saucy spoon, too. It'll be like you have your own personal sous chef!

    A little crab holding a spoon perched on the edge of a cast iron pot while steam escapes from inside

    21. This rocking garlic press that'll save you a ton of prep time and protect your fingers from these delicious (yet pungent) nuggets. The rocking motion means you don't need to have Hulk strength for it to be effective, either!

    A person rocks the press over a garlic clove on a cutting board

    22. This adorable slotted spoon that'll make serving pastas, salads, and veggies a lot cuter. The BPA-free plastic means you can use it with any cookware, too (even the non-stick kind).

    The leaf-shaped slotted spoon next to bowls of pasta and salads

    23. These airtight food canisters that'll help keep all your dry goods fresher for longer (and look cute as heck on your shelves, too). If you love decanting all your kitchen ingredients, you can't go wrong with these — reviewers say the bamboo lids lock out air and moisture, so your flours, pastas, beans, and snacks stay crisp and fresh till the very end.

    A trio of the glass containers filled with dried goods

    24. A non-stick hamburger press that'll give you perfect patties every single time. Just fill the press with your fave ingredients and use the tamper to form the burger. Reviewers say that it's saved them from spending extra funds on store-bought patties!

    25. A vintage-style utensil holder that'll help keep your countertop neat and tidy. Unlike real vintage ceramic, this one can actually go in the dishwasher, so you'll never have to worry about it getting gross or dusty.

    A person holds the ceramic utensil holder in front of them

    26. This easy-to-use salad spinner that'll help get your leafy greens clean and ready for munchin'. What makes this particular spinner special is the thoughtful little details, like a non-slip base, a one-handed knob, and a built-in brake so you don't end up spraying your kitchen with water droplets.

    27. This meatball maker that'll help you churn out delicious little balls of flavour while keeping the kitchen mess to a minimum. Meal prepping for the week ahead? This mould's got your back. The two-part design means you can toss your balls in the freezer, too. Then just pop out however many you want!

    28. This sleek battery-operated spice mill, if you're sick to death of working hard for a little fresh ground seasoning. The ceramic grinding core will never rust, dull, or taint the flavour of your seasonings, which means you can even grind coarse salt if you want.

    A person grinds salt onto a thick slab of steak

    29. A colourful microwave cover that'll help keep dust from settling on your appliances. The combo of cotton and linen means it'll resist fading (looking at you, synthetics!), and it even features two pockets, so you can stash little knickknacks out of sight.

    A bright cover on a microwave in a neat kitchen

    30. A wash-and-drain dish tub that'll help you scrub-a-dub-dub like a pro. Use it to wash your pet's paws, soak dishes, or clean fruit (without worrying that you'll drop a blueberry down the sink). There's even a neat plug-strainer attachment, plus two sturdy handles that'll make things even easier.

    31. An adjustable rolling pin that'll help you make perfect cookies, pastries, and pizzas. The removal discs allow you to customize the rolling thickness, so you can ACTUALLY make thin-crust pizza at home.

    The rolling pin resting on a countertop with various bakeware scattered around

    32. These porcelain egg saucers that might actually make soft-boiled oeufs fun again. The profiled cup will cradle basically any egg size, and thanks to the built-in tray, you'll also have a place to keep your eggshells!

    Three egg saucers arranged on a tablecloth

    33. This folding steamer basket that'll make giving your fave veggies a steam bath easier than ever. Thanks to its expanding design, it'll fit inside just about any pot — Reviewers say it even fits their Instant Pots!

    34. This measurement converter and cookbook stand that's like having an extra hand in the kitchen. Use it to keep your cookbook or tablet elevated — no more frantic cleaning of your favourite recipes!

    35. These reusable silicone bags that can be used for marinating food, cooking things sous-vide style, and stashing snacks. The pinch-press seal keeps saucy foods contained, so leaks are basically a thing of the past. And unlike regular plastic bags, these contain no latex or PVC, either.

    36. A solid pair of kitchen shears that'll help you snip, slice, and chop just about everything. The handle has a soft, non-slip grip, too, so even dirty or greasy hands can use them without issue.

    The kitchen shears next to some freshly chopped asparagus

    37. A silicone egg bite mould that'll help you make perfect little nuggets of protein, without spending big bucks at coffee shops. If you're not really into eggs, you can totally use it as a freezer mould — the silicone lid will keep gross freezer smells at bay.

    38. This gorgeous rainbow flatware that'll lend some flair to your dinner table setup. They're made of tough stainless steel, which means they won't develop rusty spots over time.

    Five of the utensils laid neatly on a napkin

    39. These graphic and flexible ice packs that'll conform to whatever container you put them in. Their nylon fabric cover means they won't get covered in condensation (and get your food soggy in the process). Plus, they won't crack or split!

    Two ice packs next to fresh cut strawberries

    40. This bubbly set of glassware that'll actually make you want to stay hydrated. Despite their funky aesthetic, reviewers say they're actually quite durable and have even run them through the dishwasher with zero issues.

    41. This chic mug and saucer set, so you can sip your morning cup of java in style. Reviewers love how you can even repurpose it as a dessert dish, if you're feeling fancy.

    42. A set of cute dough presses, so you can make pillowy pierogies right in the comfort of home. These babies do it all — they'll cut, fold, AND press the dough. All you need to do it decide what to fill them with!

    43. These cotton trivets that'll help keep your scalding pots from scorching your counter and tabletops. Unlike other trivets, these ones are super flexible, which means you could even use them as oven mitts in a pinch.

    A trio of trivets under a coffee cup and a dessert plate

    44. A marble dish-drying mat that'll look so good on your counter, you might actually want to do dishes. This magical mat can absorb up to four times its weight in water, and is cushion-y enough to keep delicate stemware safe during the drying process.

    45. This cute little composting bin that'll help you make the most of your organic waste. The lid features a charcoal filter that reviewers say actually keeps those less-than-pleasant smells contained, too.

    46. And lastly, this pastel-coloured electric kettle that reviewers say is whisper quiet and super speedy. Unlike most kettles, this one features a special compartment in the base that'll allow you to hide the cable (which means less mess on your counter).

    A close up of the kettle next to a cup of tea and a bowl of macarons

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