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    28 Aesthetically-Pleasing Home Organizers That Look Like Actual Art

    Getting organized has never looked so good.

    1. A glass ring holder if your finger bling has a habit of disappearing the second you take it off. Its lil' fronds will fit all band sizes, but you can also pop 'em in the catchall centre if you like.

    a pair of abstract glass ring holders

    2. A multi-level kitchen caddy if you're lacking space, but not style. It's got hooks, adjustable trays, and there's even a compartment for your cooking utensils that'll keep your essentials within reach.

    a multi-tiered kitchen organizer filled with kitchen essentials like spices and utensils

    3. A floating corner shelf that'll help you make the most out of every inch of living space. Reviewers love that it looks like decor (while still being strong enough to hold all your odds and ends).

    a tall corner shelf with patterned grating in a bathroom

    4. A set of seasoning jars so you can keep your faves nice 'n' close when you're whipping up a meal. Each one can be used separately *and* comes with its own teeny spoon, making them perfect for tabletop ingredients (like salt, cheese, or other garnishes).

    5. A modern side table if you're tired of stashing your stuff on the floor by your bed (it me). Because it's shorter than typical nightstands, you won't need to hyperextend your arms to reach your alarm in the a.m.

    6. A 2-in-1 kitchen stand if you'd like having a one-stop shop for all your slicing 'n' dicing essentials. Knives will get a chance to drip-dry after you wash 'em, and you won't have to stuff your cutting board into an overcrowded cupboard — a win-win!

    A knife and cutting board stand

    7. A minimalist wall rack so you can keep your hats and scarves from making a mess of your entryway. It can support up to 120 pounds, which means YES, it'll work just fine for heavy winter coats, too.

    a trio of minimalist wall racks in an entryway

    8. And a freestanding storage rack if your closet is already bursting. It's got nooks for your shoes, racks for your hats, plus a bench topper for storing folded laundry, books, or other things you can't find a place for.

    the freestanding storage rack in a bedroom

    9. A wooden desk tray that's so stylish, you might actually be excited to use it. There are pockets, trays, and notches galore, including ones for your phone or important business cards.

    a minimalist wooden desktop organizer filled with office supplies

    10. A trio of wall-mounted containers that'll help you organize your stuff or transform naked walls into living ones. They're incredibly easy to hang (even from the ceiling!) and can be paired with other sets to create a custom arrangement.

    11. A cute storage caddy that's truly ideal for messy bathrooms. Reviewers say it's great for organizing kids' products, but I can totally see this working for students using dorm bathrooms, too.

    a pastel hued shower caddy filled with personal care products

    12. A set of stackable canisters so you can give your pantry a makeover. Reviewers love that they're airtight and you can even store them in your fridge if you happen to make some perishable treats.

    a set of glass stacking canisters filled with dry pantry goods

    13. A spacious organizer that'll stop your stuff from staging a hostile takeover of your living space. Because it comes with a heatproof mat, you can even repurpose it as a hair tool caddy if that strikes your fancy.

    a transparent organizer on a nightstand filled with small accessories

    14. A set of conical hooks if fitting more stuff in your closet is just not in the cards. Since they have flat fronts, they won't snag your sweaters or sleeves when you pass by.

    15. A trolley table you can use however you like — I'm thinking a cute bar cart or a side table. It's got raised edges, so precious cargo won't accidentally roll off when you're wheeling it around the room.

    a trolley cart used as a side table in a living room

    16. A slim umbrella stand that'll give you space to drain your parasols, while keeping your floor from turning into an actual swamp. It's got a tiered design that'll even work for folded or travel-size umbies.

    a slim umbrella stand by a doorway

    17. A stackable kitchen rack that'll help you max out your vertical cabinet space. It's strong enough to hold small appliances, too, so feel free to load it up with all your heavy dishes.

    A wooden-topped kitchen rack laden with dishes

    18. A genius multipurpose organizer with compartments for all your beauty ~accoutrements~. It's even got a built-in mirror, so you can transform any corner of your home into your very own neatly-organized beauty station.

    a person pulling out the hidden drawer at the base of the organizer

    19. A honeycomb drawer organizer so you can bring order to the disaster that is your dresser. The petite compartments are perfect for hard-to-organize items, like socks and undies — and they'll be easy to spot, too, so you won't have to rummage around for your fave pair.

    an open drawer with honeycomb-shaped organizers inside

    20. A collage picture frame if you love collecting memories, but maybe haven't gotten around to displaying them all yet. You can use it for photos, plane tickets, adorable notes, or other odds and ends you hold dear.

    a circular gallery picture frame hung on a wall

    21. A fancy-schmancy toilet caddy so you can keep all your stuff within reach while you're making some ~smooth moves~ in the bathroom. Aside from storing extra rolls of TP, it also has a sweet rack at the base for magazines or other reading material.

    a 3 in 1 toilet stand with toilet paper and a magazine rack at the base

    22. A cute folding crate that'll help corral all your loose stuff. It'll collapse flat for storage or you can stack multiples on top of one another when you wanna reclaim a little extra space.

    23. A wall-mounted mirror that's got plenty of hidden storage for all your day-to-day things (like keys, dog leashes, sunglasses, and the like). Reviewers say it's a great space-saving addition to small homes and narrow spaces.

    the rectangular wall mounted mirror with hooks and a hidden shelf

    24. A shower corner shelf if you're a wee bit short on bathroom storage. It's got fully adjustable ledges so you can make room for your taller bottles while saving you from cluttering the edge of your tub (there are even hooks for loofahs and razors!).

    a tension rod shower shelf with room for shampoo, body wash, razors, and loofahs

    25. A kitchen rack for tidying all your culinary accessories. And don't fret about it toppling — it's extra sturdy, so you can safely use it for heavier stuff, like butcher block boards, pan lids, and serving plates.

    someone lifting a pad lid out of the rack

    26. A ceramic makeup brush holder that'll save your beauty tools from getting squashed in your bag (or ending up on your counter). Each petal-shaped slot can be threaded with brushes, liners, or pencils, and there's even has a handy catchall tray for other small items.

    A daisy-shaped brush holder where the petals are open to thread a handle through

    27. A trio of metal desk organizers if your current WFH energy is ~chaotic~. They'll make it easy-peasy to tidy up all your necessities (or just double as a secret snack compartment for all your midday treats).

    a trio of powder coated metal storage containers on a desk

    28. And lastly, a slim shower caddy you'll love if your bathtub's looking a smidge crowded. The shelves are mould- and rust-proof, with notches for your razor, loofah, and other accessories.

    a bamboo shower caddy hung on a shower wall

    Excuse me while I deep-dive into the chaos of my closets:

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