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    37 Sweet 'n' Chic Gifts That'll Thrill All Your Stylish Friends This Holiday Season

    In case anyone was wondering, I want all of these.

    1. A bedazzled headband that'll give their slicked-back buns and high ponies a chic holiday makeover. Reviewers love how comfortable it is — they say it doesn't squeeze, slip, or give them headaches.

    a person looking into the camera while wearing the bedazzled headband

    2. A ceramic bust that'll give all their floral arrangements a fancy new home. And if they forget to grab a bouquet, don't stress — it'll still look great perched atop their coffee table books.

    a vase shaped like a bust and filled with flowers

    3. A pair of modern wine glasses so they can enjoy their fave varietal in style. They can withstand a trip through the dishwasher, too, which means they won't have to scrub each one by hand.

    A person holding a glass with wine in it

    4. A Le Labo discovery set if they've been jonesin' to take the cult-fave brand for a spin (there's no time like the present!). They'll get to test out three of the brand's iconic scents, which is great if they're finicky with their fragrance choices.

    a trio of le labo mini candles on top of the gift box they come in

    5. A minimalist tote that's big enough to fit all their commuting and travelling essentials. Thanks to the wide straps, it won't dig into their shoulder while they're lugging their accoutrements, and the main compartment zips up, giving them a smidge of extra security when they're in transit.

    a person wearing the large minimalist tote

    6. A cute jewellery stand if their bling could use a stylish home. They'll finally be able to keep their fave pieces on display (because they're chic enough to be decor, too).

    a palm-shaped jewellery holder with rings and necklaces on it

    7. A pair of plush Barefoot Dreams slippers that'll feel oh-so-nice on their tired and tense feet.

    a top down view of a person wearing the fuzzy slippers

    8. A set of pinch bowls for all their spices, dips, and tasty snacks. Each one's got a different design, so they'll be able to keep track of what's what (some reviewers even use them as pet food dishes).

    a flatlay of the pinch bowls, each with a different design

    9. A box of artisanal Kanel spices they'll probably leave on display in their kitchen (I mean, how stylish!). And since it includes spice blends as well as gourmet salts, there will be something to tickle everyone's fancy.

    someone holding up a box of the kanel spices

    10. A hand-knitted Silk & Snow weighted blanket they'll wanna snuggle up in all year long. No glass beads means it's more breathable, not to mention so much more cuddly.

    someone holding up the knitted weighted blanket

    11. A pair of cashmere gloves that'll keep their digits wrapped in warmth this season. The extra-long cuff can be folded up or worn long to keep chilly breezes from sneaking up their sleeves.

    a pair of cashmere opera length gloves

    12. An elegant wireless charger so they can juice up their tech without ruining their aesthetic with a mass of cables and cords. It's topped with a nifty silicone treading to keep their phone from sliding off mid-powerup.

    the circular wireless charger powering up a pair of airpods

    13. A lululemon Align bra top so they can keep calm and ✨shine✨ on at the gym. With a glitzy foil finish and comfy, buttery-soft support, don't be surprised if they start wearing it 24/7.

    a person wearing the foil print align bra

    14. A set of silicone kitchen utensils that'll give them an excuse to ditch the mismatched set living in their drawers. It doesn't hurt that they won't scuff up all their fancy non-stick cookware, either.

    a set of silicone tipped kitchen utensils in a glass crock

    15. An accessory box for stashing both their favourite shades and timepieces. The slots are lined with super soft felt so watches and lenses won't get scratched up (and the lid will stop dust from settling on their accessories).

    an open accessory box filled with watches and sunglasses

    16. A swanky wool fedora that'll strike the perfect balance between cozy and cute. Wool's natural water-repelling qualities will stop sudden snowfall from ruining their hair (and their day) while keeping their noodle nice 'n' toasty when the temperature plummets.

    a person wearing the wide brim wool felt fedora

    17. A press-on manicure kit for the friend who wouldn't dream of having bare talons. It's easy to use (even for beginners), and won't damage their nail beds once they decide they wanna switch things up.

    a close up of a person wearing a set of the press on nails

    18. A touch-control lamp that's guaranteed to *stun* at their next get-together. It looks chic as heck when it's off, but tapping the top will light it up, so they can watch patterns bloom all over their table.

    an acrylic tabletop light that gives off a diamond pattern when turned on

    19. A pack of AirPods beanies that'll protect their pair from getting dinged up. Plus, your pal won't have to strip 'em naked the next time they need powering up, since they're compatible with wireless charging.

    someone holding up one of the airpod socks against a colourful and contrasting background

    20. A luxe skincare set so they can treat themselves to some well-deserved R&R after the holiday chaos winds down. They'll get a scrub, plus two luscious lotions for hydrating their bod.

    a trio of skincare tubes in a wooden sink

    21. A set of Jo Malone perfumes that'll bless their schnoz with a delightful fragrance journey. The petite bottles are the perfect size for stashing in a clutch or carry-on (trust me, there's plenty of perfume in each one).

    Alice holding the perfumes in a box

    22. A sleek SodaStream because they deserve to sip on bubbles every day of the week. It works with the pull of a lever, so they won't have to decode complicated instructions beforehand.

    the soda stream on a kitchen counter next to the plastic bottle and CO2 canister

    23. A pair of limited edition Bala bangles if their classic set is looking a lil' worse for wear. They're incredibly comfy to wear, and won't slip, slide, or budge (even when they're squeezing in some jumping jacks).

    two pairs of the marble patterned bala bangles on large marble cubes

    24. A set of positively gorg ice moulds that'll let them make seriously stylin' cubes for their next get-together. They're made of silicone, which means they won't have to risk damaging their precious creation in their quest for a chilled drink.

    a top down view of the rose shaped ice inside cocktail glasses

    25. A textured ombré turtleneck from lululemon that'll definitely elevate their off-hours wardrobe. It's got a plush pile they'll wanna snuggle up in once the temps drop below zero (and they'll have you to thank for their coziness).

    a person wearing the bouclé turtleneck

    26. A ten-piece set of mixing bowls they'll find any excuse to use. Each comes with a corresponding lid, which means they'll be able to use them for everything from marinating chicken to stashing leftovers.

    a set of patterned melamine bowls with matching lids on a kitchen counter

    27. A Jack Black bodycare trio so they can scrub their bod from head to toe (oh, and moisturize after, too!). They'll get a facial cleanser, body wash, and a body lotion.

    a trio of jack black products on wrapping paper and surrounded by holiday decor

    28. A set of artisanal cocktail mixers that'll upgrade the heck out of their adult beverages. They're super versatile, too — they'll taste great mixed with all kinds of spirits, but they'll make a tasty addition to mocktails, too.

    bottles in their box

    29. A chic pickleball set that'll make them wanna get a game going ASAP. They've even got leather-wrapped handles, so your pal's gonna feel a total pro (even if they're just playing in their living room).

    a pair of the chic pickleball paddles arranged aesthetically on a simple background

    30. A set of candy-coloured Cuisinart knives so they can slice and dice. Reviewers love that they are razor-sharp straight outta the box (and the included blade guards will keep accidents to a minimum).

    a flatlay of the colourful knife set on a marble countertop

    31. A pair of beanie wine stoppers so they can save their unfinished vino and keep it from spoiling. They'll fit snugly over just about any bottle, including that sweet champagne they uncork for NYE.

    a pair of beanie-shaped silicone wine bottle stoppers inside a pair of bottles

    32. A colour-changing packable puffer from Free People that'll help them stand out on the slopes. It'll go from purple to blue with a hint of cold air and it has a slightly-oversized silhouette that makes it perfect for layering, too.

    a person wearing the colour-changing puffer coat; half of it is one colour, the other half is another colour

    33. A twinkly oil diffuser that'll cast a celestial glow the minute it's tapped on. Soft lighting and easy controls (tap on, tap off!) will make it the perfect gift for anyone looking to chill the heck out after a hectic year.

    an oil diffuser with a patterned top that looks like a galaxy

    34. A sculptural citrus juicer that looks positively Lovecraftean. Is it art? Is it decor? It'll be up to them to decide (BTW, reviewers say it's the best juicer they've ever used).

    someone holding the large metallic juicer; it looks like a three-legged spider

    35. A pair of porcelain cruets so they can decant their fave kitchen condiments. And with silicone-rimmed acacia lids, their tasty oils and vinegars will stay fresh for a heckuva lot longer.

    a pair of neutral porcelain cruets with acacia wood caps

    36. A set of gemstone coasters that'll protect their surfaces and look damn good doing it, too. Reviewers love that they suck up spilled liquid, and that they even have a thick cork backing to prevent slippage.

    a set of four gemstone coasters on a coffee table

    37. And lastly, a set of ribbed drinking glasses that’ll make them feel fancy as heck with every sip. Since they're made of borosilicate glass, they won't crack or shatter if your pal decides on a hot cup of tea instead.

    a set of three ribbed glasses filled with different drinks

    Prepare to accept the title of "Best Gift Giver":

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