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    30 Fun Fall Finds Your Home Is Practically Begging For

    Oh my gourd, these are unbe-leaf-ably cute.

    1. A set of cushion covers that'll help you set the mood — for fall, that is. And since they're machine-washable, you won't have a heart attack the next time someone spills a cup of mulled wine all over your carefully-curated decor (THE AUDACITY, honestly).

    a set of four fall-themed cushion covers arranged artistically on a wooden bench

    2. A light-up mini maple tree if the ones in your neighbourhood haven't gotten the memo about changing colours *just* yet. Reviewers love that they can individually adjust each branch, making it perfect for that awkward small nook you can't figure out what to do with.

    a faux maple tree with built in fairy lights

    3. A braided placemat if it's #spookyszn in your house every day. And since it's made of cotton, it'll suck up little spills and droplets before they get a chance to stain your tabletop.

    a circular cotton placemat with a graphic of two cute ghosts on the front

    4. A cute camp-style mug that's practically begging to be filled with a toasty PSL.

    a camp-style mug with the words cozy vibes on the front with a pumpkin graphic

    5. Or a spooky mug decal you can slap on your fave cup instead.

    a stylized starbucks-inspired dead mermaid sticker on the front of a mug

    6. A set of inky microfibre bedsheets that are soft as heck and won't fade into a drab, grey hue (even after washing). According to reviewers, they never pill, wrinkle, or tear, making them perfect for households with pets and small children.

    a set of dark bedsheets

    7. A set of wavy taper candles that'll give your mood lighting a ~groovy~ update. They've got an impressive burn time (14 hours!), meaning they won't fizzle out before your fancy-schmancy dinner party ends.

    8. And a funky candleholder that looks straight outta Dracula's (surprisingly stylish) castle. The extra wide base will keep waxy drips from ruining your table, too.

    a pair of dark curly candle holders with drippy wax all over them

    9. A petite stoneware house if you're on the hunt for a unique centrepiece, but don't know where to start. Hidden inside you'll find a teeny LED lamp, saving you the trouble of messing around with tealights.

    a trio of ceramic mini houses with led lamps inside

    10. A digital art print if you're not down to wait for your new decor to arrive. It'll be good to go the second you print it, so just make sure you've got a chic frame on hand.

    a person holding up a framed print of autumn leaves

    11. A set of leaf-shaped window stickers if you're just too dang excited for those crunchy bad boys to start piling up. Application is a snap, and you can reuse 'em over and over, meaning they'll be ready to go when next fall rolls around.

    a set of leaf-shaped cling stickers stuck to a window

    12. A set of seasonal dish towels so you can finally swap out the floral summery ones currently living in your kitchen.

    a person holding up a tea towel with a ghost on it that says hey boo

    13. A cute rustic entryway mat that'll keep outside debris (like dead leaves) from making its way into your home. The backing's non-slip, so you won't slide around while you wipe your feet off.

    a coir doormat with the words hey there pumpkin on the front

    14. A totally macabre trinket dish you might actually wanna leave out all year. It's deep enough to stash your bundle of keys, phone, or other odds and ends, and the front can double as unique storage for your spectacles, too.

    a skull-shaped trinket dish with a phone inside and a pair of sunglasses left on the face

    15. A waterproof garland if your patio could use some sprucing up. Reviewers love that they're battery-operated, so you can string them up wherever you like (instead of where the plugs are).

    a four-frame picture of the leaf garland strung up on banisters and draped around different parts of a house

    16. A pair of amber glass dispenser bottles so you can decant all your lotions and potions while keeping everything in line with your curated fall aesthetic. Since they come with a selection of labels, you'll get to decide what goes inside. Dish soap? Conditioner? Up to you, bb.

    a pair of amber glass bottles with pump tops and labels on the front

    17. A scented candle that'll fill your space with the sweet 'n' spicy smell of baked pears. It's got notes of all your fave fall ingredients, like nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and cardamom — and there's even a handy recipe on the front in case you get the sudden urge to bake up a treat.

    a baked pear scented candle with a recipe on the front label

    18. Or, if sweet 'n' spicy isn't your jam, a scented candle with notes of evergreens, cypress, and earthy moss that'll bring some outdoorsy vibes into your living space.

    someone lighting a candle called cabin fever

    19. An ultra-plush duvet set that'll make you feel like you're snoozing on a cloud. Reviewers say it's given them the best sleep of their life (and love that it doesn't get matted after washing, either).

    a fluffy bed set made of plush shag material in a scandinavian style bedroom

    20. A dried floral bouquet you can pop in your fave vase when it's time to say goodbye to freshly-cut stems. Best of all, you won't have to schlep out to the nearest field to grab 'em (it'll be our little secret).

    a person holding up a bouquet of dried flowers

    21. A trio of mercury glass pumpkin lanterns so you can skip the harsh overheads. They'll give off a soft glow and, best of all, have timers so you won't have to remember to switch 'em off at the end of the night.

    a trio of pumpkin-shaped mercury glass lights

    22. A shaggy faux fur blanket because there's no better time to snuggle up on the couch. It's got an extra-high pile on one side, and a soft fleece on the other, so you'll get to choose your own adventure.

    a double-sided blanket with shaggy high pile faux fur on one side and fleece on the other

    23. Or a floor-length wearable blanket so you can swaddle yourself on those crisp autumn mornings. It's so big, you can even share it with your partner the next time the two of youse are getting cozy by the fire.

    a person cupping a mug while wearing the floor length blanket

    24. And a pumpkin-shaped throw pillow that'll be the perfect finishing touch for your newly-redecorated living space.

    a plush pumpkin shaped throw cushion

    25. A pair of skull-shaped scissors that'll never get rusty. Reviewers say they're hefty and more than sharp enough to handle all kinds of household snipping needs.

    a person holding up a pair of brass scissors shaped like a skull

    26. A pack of pampas grass that'll add some floof and poof to your autumnal arrangements. It comes with four varieties, so you can go hog with your creations.

    a jar filled with the different types of pampas grass

    27. A trio of flameless candles that look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. They're filled with real wax and have a flickering faux flame (that you can set on a timer, BTW).

    a trio of flameless candles in glass votives

    28. A set of faux gourds that'll give your table decor a seasonal update. And honestly, I'm super grateful for the fact that they won't get rotten midway through fall like their real counterparts!

    a set of decorative faux gourds arranged on a tabletop

    29. An olive leaf wreath if your entryway is looking a lil' bland. Leave it au naturel for now, then add some sparkle and seasonal ~accoutrements~ once the holidays kick in.

    an olive leaf wreath hung on a wall

    30. And lastly, a flame-effect light bulb that's bound to *spark* some conversation this season. And you won't need to swap it out once the snow starts falling — one bulb has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours.

    a lightbulb that simulates faux flames hung in a lantern

    Me from now 'til December:

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