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    27 Things That’ll Help Transform Your Home Into A Minimalist’s Dream Come True

    The world may be complicated, but your life doesn't have to be.

    1. This set of microfibre bedsheets that looks clean, polished, and simple. The naturally crinkled texture also means you can literally pull it straight out of the dryer — no ironing needed.

    2. This multipurpose squeegee, because cleaning products can be minimalist, too. One side has tiny silicone bristles to help you scrub and dust, while the other side makes short work of cleaning mirrors, countertops, and other smooth surfaces. It's the 2-in-1 product you didn't know you needed (but most definitely do).

    3. These simple bento boxes that will deliver on both function and style. The silicone seal is airtight and leakproof, so your meal stays fresh until you're ready to chow down — and doesn't end up inside your bag.

    4. A concrete desktop planter that'll fuel your green thumb while also keeping your office supplies neat and tidy. The solid design won't tip over the next time you're reaching for a pen, either.

    The planter sits on a desk with a small cactus in the front and two pens in the back section

    5. This set of non-spill salt and pepper mills that's as useful as it is attractive. Your table will look like a million bucks! According to reviewers, the ceramic grinding mechanism is super efficient. The brilliant inverted design prevents little crumbs of salt and pepper from littering counters and tabletops, too!

    The non-spill mills on a countertop next to two traditional mills surrounded by scattered black pepper

    6. A sleek bathtub caddy with extendable handles that'll hold your favourite book, all your bathtime skincare, and even a glass of wine, so you can have the most luxurious and relaxing soak of your life. The handles are coated in rubber to prevent accidental slippage, too.

    The caddy set on the edge of a tub and topped with a book a candle a loofah and a mug

    7. A lovely olive oil dispenser that'll make your countertop look a little bit more refined. The built-in handle makes pouring a pleasure, and the special spout not only keeps oils and vinegars fresher for longer, but also means you can control the flow a lot easier (goodbye, globs of oil).

    A close up of the dispenser pouring oil into a frying pan

    8. This compact cold brew coffee maker that takes the guesswork out of making your fave low-acid caffeinated beverage. It automatically starts brewing the moment it's placed over the carafe. Plus, the petite design won't clog up your counter or fridge.

    9. Or, if you're looking for steamy (not frosty), this single-serve pour-over coffee maker that'll help you brew yourself a cup of java quickly and easily. It fits on basically any kind of container, whether it's your favourite mug or a to-go cup. Reviewers love that it makes a delicious brew, and say it's helped them waste less coffee if they're making a cup just for themselves.

    10. These dish towel hangers that'll keep your kitchen linens neat, tidy, and stashed away (instead of hung haphazardly on your oven handle). These self-adhesive accessories are super slim, and unlike regular hooks, have a lil' notch that ACTUALLY holds towels.

    An open cabinet door with the two hooks installed on the inside and holding tea towels

    11. A chrome cactus corkscrew that looks like decor when you're not using it, but still tackles wine bottles like a total pro. This 3-in-1 gadget cuts foil, uncorks wine, and even pops off bottle caps with ease.

    12. This ultra-chic umbrella stand that's a much better storage solution for your rain-soaked parasol than just leaning it against the wall. The top is made of steel and wood, so you know it's durable, while the base is a water-resistant resin that'll keep your floors from getting soaked.

    The umbrella stand in a neatly arranged entryway with a clear umbrella inside

    13. This stylish tabletop lamp that'll add some soft, diffused lighting to your bedroom or living space without making everything look clunky and crowded.

    The lamp on a side table next to a sofa

    14. A dish drying rack that can be used on the countertop or in the sink, depending on your current kitchen set-up. It has an attractive, low-profile design that's definitely not an eyesore. Plus, the little rubber feet will make sure it doesn't slide around after you've loaded it with dishes.

    15. These space-saving wall hooks that'll take up zero space in your entranceway while still giving you a place to hang your hat. Unlike traditional versions, these hooks are retractable so you can flip 'em up when you're not using them — it's perfect for adding a bit of storage to tight spaces, like entryways, bathrooms, or smaller bedrooms.

    16. Some lightweight snack bowls that'll become a durable (and eco-friendly) addition to your tableware cabinet. They're made of natural wheat straw, are chip-resistant, AND even dishwasher safe. Plus, they stack neatly, making storage a breeze. What's not to love?

    17. These Sonos speakers, so you can fill your home with beautiful music, without filling it with clunky tech. Unlike the speakers we may remember from the '90s, these are small enough to tuck away on bookshelves, or even on top of kitchen cabinets. Plus, you can connect multiple speakers together for rich, immersive surround sound.

    The speaker neatly nestled between cookbooks fresh fruit and a tea kettle on a countertop

    18. This floating utensil holder that'll help free up some precious kitchen real estate — make it easier than ever to get the tool you need, too. Reviewers love that it's helped them de-clutter their drawers, too!

    The utensil holder mounted under a cabinet and filled with wooden utensils and a stainless steel strainer

    19. A set of these stainless steel wine glasses that look futuristic and sexy as heck. Plus, they're shatter-proof so you don't need to stress out if things get a bit ~rowdy~ in the kitchen.

    A close up photo of red wine being poured into the stainless steel wine glasses

    20. A lap desk, so you can have a flexible work space that tucks away easily when you're done using it. It can also double as a tray for your laptop, snacks, and tea when you're relocating to the couch (or bed). And the foam pad conforms to your body, so you won't have to stress about it tipping over.

    The laptop desk laid neatly on a freshly made bed and topped with a laptop and a cellphone

    21. A tidy trinket dish that'll finally give you a place to stash your odds and ends without cluttering up your space. The two tiers mean you can safely store small knickknacks (like rings, earrings, or hair pins) without worrying that they'll get lost or tangled in the bigger stuff.

    A close up photo of the two tiered tray with a few delicate pieces of jewelry scattered on top

    22. This magnetic bullet board that also accommodates push pins, and will let you put up pictures of your friends and family without making holes in the wall. Reviewers say it's also awesome for keeping track of important mail. Plus, it's ludicrously easy to clean!

    The bullet board hung above a neatly arranged desk with a few notes posted on it

    23. This minimalist teapot with a double-walled design that'll keep your beverage hot for longer (without scalding your hands). It even comes with a removable wire mesh filter if you don't like loose leaves floating around.

    The transparent kettle on a plain countertop next to two drinking glasses for scale

    24. These genius shower hooks that'll be a definite upgrade to those noisy metal ones you've got rattling up there now. The tops are beaded with little silicone nodes that roll right across your shower rod for noiseless operation. Plus, the double hooks mean you can remove the shower curtain without needing to remove the liner at the same time, and vice versa.

    25. A magnetic wall strip that you can attach your knives and scissors to. It takes up zero counter space and keeps your essential prep tools within reach and sight.

    The magnetic rack is mounted on the wall and has three knives attached to it

    26. A set of sleek planters that'll help you keep your plants happy, while freeing up your counters and windowsills. Each rope is adjustable both vertically and horizontally so you can completely customize your look. Reviewers love that they're easy to install, and can actually double as an unusual window covering alternative.

    The planters are hung above a window like a curtain and filled with leafy plants

    27. And finally, a divided cutlery holder that stacks your forks, knives, and spoons on top of each other and maximizes precious kitchen real estate. It only takes up a fraction of a drawer, so you'll have more space for cooking tools and knickknacks.

    A person places a fork into the organizer

    You after simplifying your life:

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