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    24 Skincare Products You'll Never Believe Are Under $25

    Your skin doesn't take a day off.

    1. This Caudalie beauty elixir that'll give you a long-lasting ~spa glow~. Invigorating rosemary is great for an afternoon pick-me-up, while soothing rose oil helps fight redness and irritation. And let's not forget about Caudalie's proprietary blend of grape essence — one spritz of this delivers instant radiance.

    2. This plumping and hydrating lip sheet mask that may look weird as heck, but I promise, it packs a moisturizing wallop. Slip this baby over your kisser, and 15 minutes later, reveal softer, smoother, plumper lips.

    3. This Fenty Beauty setting powder that's like a blurring filter in makeup form. It'll reduce shine and cloak almost all imperfections, so you can look video-chat-ready in mere moments. Thanks to its silky texture, you'll never look cakey or dull, either!

    4. This glacial clay-infused bath soak that harnesses the power of menthol, coriander seed, sage, and pine to draw impurities out of the skin and leave it feeling softer than a baby's bum. Dust one packet into the tub and get in — you'll feel like you're walking naked in a wild forest.

    5. These Greek yogurt cleansing wipes that'll wipe off even the most stubborn makeup — WITHOUT leaving your skin feeling parched and tight. Yogurt isn't just great for your gut — it's also fantastic at nourishing your skin, improving discolouration, preventing acne, and relieving irritation.

    6. This twist-up lip scrub that'll leave your pout soft as heck and ready for smoochin' (even if you're just blowing a kiss at your reflection). It uses ultra-fine particles of sugar (instead of micro-plastics) to gently slough off dry skin. Just swipe it on and rub in before applying balm or lipstick.

    7. This Tarte makeup setting spray that delivers an ultra-fine, non-aerosol mist that'll lock your makeup in place for up to 12 hours. This baby combats dryness, uneven texture, and dullness, so you never have to worry about looking cakey again.

    8. This egg mousse face mask that's like applying whipped meringue to your face — and it's a treat for your skin, too! Using egg whites and yolks, this delectable froth not only deeply moisturizes your skin in minutes, but it also amplifies the effects of other skincare. We love a team player!

    9. This ultra-rich belly butter that works extra hard to support and restore skin's elasticity, both before and after pregnancy. And if you're worried about stretch marks, this creamy butter helps reduce their visibility, too!

    10. This blueberry facial cleanser that'll remove your makeup and deeply cleanse your skin. Sure, it contains a blend of skin-loving acids (like hyaluronic and alpha-hydroxy), but this lightweight gel is gentle, gentle, GENTLE. No need to rub, scrub, or double cleanse — your face is going to be squeaky clean and radiant.

    11. This luminous sheer blur stick that creates a perfect canvas for all your makeup. But it's fantastic solo, too — just one swipe can drastically diminish the appearance of large pores. You're left with a glowing, soft-matte finish that'll translate beautifully on camera (perfect for all those Zoom meetings you're joining).

    12. This nutrient-rich vegan lip balm that harnesses the power of wakame seaweed, rose extract, and hyaluronic acid to make your lips look their very best. I use this lip balm every night before bed, and wake up to plump, soft lips every morning — whether they're cracked from wintry breezes, or irritated from too much sun, this magic little jar heals all ills.

    13. This Physician's Formula glowy highlighter that's packed with antioxidants for a flawless, buttery-smooth glow. I am utterly obsessed with it — unlike some highlighters, this one looks remarkably natural.

    14. This solid matcha toner that'll help streamline your skincare routine, and give your pores a lovely detox. It's like a matcha latte for your face! It also uses ingredients like trendy kombucha and witch hazel to help absorb excess oil and leave your face looking better than ever.

    15. An overnight mask that uses avocado butter and Swiss glacial water to punch your skin in the face with hydration (not literally, don't worry). Just one use and you'll be treated to 72 hours of moisture! And reviewers say it's fantastic for sensitive skin, too.

    16. This Fenty Beauty primer that'll help minimize the look of your pores, moisturize your skin, and give you a smooth, matte canvas for your makeup. The unique, light-as-air formula sits delicately on skin, giving you a photo-blur finish that'll keep your makeup exactly where you want it, all day long.

    17. Some hydrogel eye patches that'll help you in the fight against dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. Stayed up too late watching Tiger King? Indulged in a few too many bevvies during your Zoom happy hour? Slap these on and no one will ever know.

    18. This hydrating mask glove that'll turn your dry, cracked mitts into silky-soft hands. Slip on these futuristic gloves to infuse your hands with the deep moisturizing essence. Don't panic if they start to feel warm — that's just the gentle thermotherapy at work!

    19. This gel cleanser that's honestly one of my favourite beauty products right now. It’s made with spinach, green tea, and kale, and it’ll remove your makeup, clean out any built-up gunk from your pores, and leave your skin feeling completely detoxed.

    20. This supercharged toner that’ll fight dark spots and uneven skin texture, plus it’ll give you smoother, healthier-looking skin in just a week. It combines high-tech skincare components (like glycolic and lactic acids) with natural, skin-loving ingredients (like witch hazel, sugar cane, and chamomile extracts) to knock out those skincare concerns.

    21. This caffeinated butt mask that'll combat uneven skin like a BOSS. With ingredients like aloe, orange peel, and goji berry, these sheets only need ten minutes to detoxify and regenerate your cheeks.

    22. This fermented green tea face mist that'll quench your parched skin faster than you can say, "Holy cow, that's refreshing!" I keep a bottle of it in my nightstand AND a bottle in my purse so I can keep that K-beauty glow going all day long.

    23. This zesty organic body wash that'll get you extra clean from top to bottom. I love the refreshing combination of peppermint and white sage that creates a smell that’s both refreshing and cleansing. Any body wash that cleans my body AND de-stresses me is a win in my books.

    24. And lastly, this multipurpose skin salve that can be applied just about anywhere your skin is chapped or chafed. The solid formula won't leak all over your bag or pockets, either, so it's great to keep with you at all times — you know, for emergencies.

    Love the skin in you're in, baby!

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