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    32 Gifts That'll Make Every Stressed-Out Person On Your Holiday List Feel A Little More Chill

    Cheers to starting the new year chilled out and blissed out.

    1. A pack of gel stress balls so they can squeeeeze their stress into oblivion. Not only is each one is a different degree of firmness, but they're infused with a unique scent that'll give them a dose of aromatherapy, too.

    a person holding up two of the gel stress balls

    2. A lululemon x Saje kit for anyone who could use a little self-care moment. They'll get everything they'll need to find their zen, including a calming mist, an essential oil blend, body butter, and a massage ball for easing muscle tension (all in one easy-to-carry cinch bag).

    the saje x lululemon self care set on a simple background

    3. A Patchology eye gel set that'll let them experiment with different formulas. Whether their peepers are tired, puffy, dry, or just looking a little lacklustre lately, they're sure to find a pair to suit their needs.

    the package of the patchology patching all the way gift set

    4. A 3-in-1 gua sha tool so they can treat their sweet, stressed face to some relaxation. It's got ultrasonic vibrations, a heat function, and an LED light that reviewers say gave them results after just one use.

    the gua sha tool laid on a simple background

    5. A Coco & Eve haircare bundle if their tresses are in need of some major pampering. They'll get a scalp scrub, conditioning mask, and hair elixir, which is great news for anyone with damaged, tired, or frizzy hair.

    a trio of coco and eve hair products on a colourful background

    6. A wireless audio headband so they can listen to sweet tunes or chill meditations while they slumber. It'll stay comfortably locked in place all night long without pressing on their noggin or shifting around.

    a person wearing the audio headband

    7. Or a sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones if they wanna block out all traces of light, too. It has a control panel in the centre, so they won't accidentally change their sleep soundtrack mid-snooze.

    a person sleeping while wearing the eye mask/headphone combo

    8. A ⭐stellar⭐ light projector that'll transport them to a galaxy far, far away. Reviewers love that the projected stars gently rotate around a cosmic nebula, which means it'll never look boring or potentially aggravate anyone who's photosensitive.

    9. A cute deck of affirmation cards that'll remind them to keep their chin up when things are feeling bleak. It comes with a wooden display, so they can prop up their fave card for when they need a lil' midday boost.

    one of the affirmation cards popped in the wooden stand

    10. A mountable massage ball for tackling all those out-of-reach knots, aches, and cramps. They can stick it to just about any smooth surface, making it way easier to use than their foam roller (and it's travel-friendly, too).

    11. A guided meditation light for anyone who struggles to clear their mind of stressy thoughts. It'll cycle through different colours, letting them know when it's time to inhale, hold, and exhale.

    a person watching the tiny person-shaped meditation lamp

    12. A glacial clay-infused bath soak that'll give their bod some TLC after a loooooong week. The smell of menthol, coriander seed, sage, and pine will make them feel like they're forest bathing, instead of stuck at home.

    a bag of the bath soak next to fresh cut tulips

    13. A heating pad they can wear as a belt when they're struggling with backaches, cramps, or other ouchies. Reviewers say it works like a charm on arthritis, too.

    a person relaxing while wearing the warming belt

    14. A bottle of TikTok-famous Caudalie Beauty Elixir that'll keep that self-care glow lasting for days. Invigorating rosemary is great for an afternoon pick-me-up, while soothing rose oil helps fight redness and irritation (and this mist has both!).

    a bottle of the beauty elixir next to workout equipment

    15. A pack of cooling Grace & Stella under-eye masks if their peepers could use a little ~zhuzh~. They're packed with niacinamide, camellia sinensis leaf extract, and hydrating hyaluronic acid that'll help soothe and cool down their skin.

    victoria wearing the undereye masks and looking into the camera

    16. A set of self-heating eye masks if they wish they could hit the mute button on the world. They're lightly scented with jasmine and will start to warm up the second they're unwrapped, because who doesn't love relaxing spa vibes at bedtime?

    A smiling person looking into the camera while wearing the eye mask

    17. Or a set of high-powered activated charcoal masks if their under-eye area is in need of a deeper detox. They'll gently draw out all the toxins causing puffiness, so their eyes can look rested any day of the week (what stressful work presentation?).

    a person wearing the activated charcoal eye masks

    18. A copy of The Five Minute Journal that'll encourage them to take a few moments for themself every day. If they don't know where to start, fret not — it's got space for affirmations, to-do lists, and any other thoughts bouncing around their noodle.

    May holding the Five Minute Journal

    19. A wireless hand massager with a handy warming function if their grabbers are feeling especially tired lately. It'll ease tense muscles and can even massage each knuckle and finger individually.

    a smiling person dozing off on their desk while the device massages their hand

    20. A plush Barefoot Dreams blanket if you don't wanna frig around with guessing their clothing size. Reviewers say it's perfect for sharing with both partners *and* pets.

    The blankets stacked beside a plant

    21. A light therapy lamp because the dark days of winter can take a toll. They'll probably love that it's pretty enough to double as decor, too!

    the light therapy lamp on a makeup vanity

    22. A eucalyptus shower mist if your friend is always too busy to actually make it to the spa. A few spritzes will be enough to give them a few precious moments of peace in the morning.

    a bottle of the eucalyptus shower mist surrounded by lavender and eucalyptus branches

    23. An aesthetic massager that'll help knead away all the knots and tension after the holidays. Unlike similar gadgets, this one uses special vibroacoustic frequencies to help ease tension, with different settings for pain relief, relaxation, and muscle therapy, so they'll be able to select which mode they need ATM.

    24. A heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage away all the tension and puffiness in their poor eyeballs. Reviewers say it's a total godsend for anyone who suffers from migraines, sinus pressure, and allergies, too.

    A person wearing the mask while lying in bed

    25. A bottle of Dr. Teal's bubble bath that'll make every soak feel like a trip the spa. Instead of oversized, easy-to-pop bubbles, it produces a fine, plush foam that'll melt down into a skin-softening oil.

    a bottle of the dr teals foaming bath on the edge of a bathtub

    26. An Ostrichpillow pad they can use hot *or* cold depending on their needs. Popping it into the microwave will turn it into a cozy, snuggly heating pad for warming up after a day shovelling snow, or they can leave it in the freezer to use as an ice pack on sore muscles or small booboos.

    a person lying in bed and cuddling with the ostrichpillow

    27. A sleep aid metronome that'll help ditch their racing thoughts. Following the contraction and expansion of the light projection will help distract their brain from thinking about their to-do list (or any other stressors), so they can doze off in a flash.

    A person lightly presses the top of the metronome to activate it

    28. A contoured eye mask that won't press on their peepers while they try to get their snooze on. Reviewers say it blocks out all traces of light and can help protect lash extensions from getting crumpled by pillows.

    a smiling person wrapped in a blanket while wearing the contoured eye mask

    29. An absolutely enormous wearable blanket if they love being covered from tip to toe. Reviewers are obsessed with it's fun lil' features, like a foot pocket and Velcro closure at the back that'll keep their 🍑 protected from brisk breezes.

    a person standing while wearing the enormous blanket with sleeves

    30. A bottle of heavenly face mist they'll wanna spritz on everything from their pillow to their bath towels. It's made of all-natural ingredients (like eucalyptus and witch hazel) that'll bless their skin with some TLC, too.

    Victoria holding the bottle of mist

    31. A 3-in-1 foot warmer that'll ease their tootsie tension after a busy day. It has three vibration settings and can magically transform into a back massager if they need a lil' extra pain relief (the foot nook is detachable).

    someone inserting their foot into the vibrating and heating foot massager

    32. And lastly, a HoMedics kinetic sand table that'll double as decor (or just a surface to pop their coffee). Using the app, they'll be able to plan patterns for the tiny metal ball, so they can sit back, chill out, and watch art form before their eyes.

    a person watching the kinetic sand table

    Big hugs to all my stressed-out pals this year:

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