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    23 Actually Affordable Things That’ll Help You Scratch That Retail Therapy Itch

    We all need a little treat sometimes.

    1. This cute lil' butt mask, because your booty deserves a treat every once in a while. Each sheet is packed with plant-derived collagen to help give your bum a powerful dose of hydration and leave it feeling refreshed as heck. Plus, aloe and chamomile help to soothe irritation and prevent acne!

    2. This keychain that vibrates when you pull the tiny leaves. You'll feel extra peachy the next time you pull out your keys, and it's a fun little accessory that'll put a smile on your face.

    3. This lovely gradient puzzle that'll help you tear yourself away from social media. Each puzzle has 500 pieces — that's just enough pieces to keep you motivated without being so simple that you fly through it.

    4. This crimson body suit that'll look great paired with a cute skirt, or layered under your fave spring jacket. I love a good bodysuit for keeping tops from bunching around the waist, and with a flattering plunging neckline, you really can't go wrong.

    5. This guide to cocktail-making that's neatly sub-categorized by alcohol so you can improve your mixology skills. Rifle through one of eight notebooks to get inspired, or just learn a few new tricks. And the best part: You get to sample the finished product!

    6. These embellished aviator sunglasses, so you can protect your peepers from the sun now that it's finally peeking out again. They're ultra light, universally flattering, and super slim, so they won't overwhelm your face.

    7. These fancy bath salts that'll turn your ordinary bath into a relaxing soak — without the fancy price tag. Self-care is a priority right now, right? They may look really pretty, but they're also packed with mineral-rich salts to help ease muscle tension and really help you chill out.

    8. This tie-dye kit that'll take the guesswork out of creating psychedelic artwork. I've seen SO. MANY. DIY tie-dye works on social media over the last few weeks, and to be honest, I want to hop on the bandwagon, and so should you.

    9. This cute AirPod case, so you can still get your boba tea fix (and protect your earbuds in the process). There's even a little node on the side so you can attach your pods to your keys or a chain. No more scrabbling through your bag to try to find them!

    10. This silky hair scrunchie that'll keep your hair out of your eyes and look fancy as hell doing it. I love the scarf-like tassles that give the illusion of a hair scarf (without the stress of tying it correctly or making sure it doesn't come undone). And it's a great way to make the most of second-day hair!

    11. This eyebrow tool kit that'll help keep those babies under control. Each kit comes with three different kinds of tweezers, so you can really do some precision grooming. Use the mini scissors for trimming those pesky over-long antennae hairs, give your brows a quick brush with the comb, and you're set.

    12. These cute lil' geometric hair coils that'll help keep your mane out of your face without bending, breaking, or creasing it. They have just the right amount of grip to capture even the softest, wispiest hairs — sans unpleasant tugging.

    13. These super-comfy and uplifting socks with grippy bottoms and cushioned soles that are specially designed to help fight foot fatigue. You may not be doing your best Risky Business impression any time soon, but you also won't slide down the stairs or slip on hardwood floors, so there's that.

    14. An oversized modal tee that looks great, feels super comfy, and goes well with just about every outfit. It doesn't hurt that for every one sold, Wolven will clean up one pound of waste from the ocean.

    15. One of these super-soft bandanas that are as versatile as they are cute. Use it to hold back your hair or as a summery top on balmy days. And if you really want to get creative, snag this instructional book on how to make the most of your head scarf.

    16. This adorable heatable plushie that will make a great nighttime companion or an awesome pal on the days when your body is feeling less than great. Throw it in the microwave if you want to soothe some cramps or get toasty in bed, or you can cool it down in the fridge to help fight off headaches or migraines.

    17. These cute seashell bobby pins that are an adult upgrade to your fave childhood hair accessory. The natural shells are delicately rimmed in gold, too! They're useful AND lovely, and who doesn't love that?

    18. A brightly-coloured pouch that'll be great for organizing your small knickknacks, as a cosmetics bag, or even a compact clutch. The zippered opening will keep things from falling out, and the hidden inner pockets are great for keeping your belongings neat and tidy.

    19. An elegant druzy gem bottle stopper, so you can keep your favourite vino tasting fresh for longer. There's even a thin silicone membrane to keep your beverage from aerating, and to keep the stopper from falling out if the bottle gets jostled in the fridge.

    20. A creamy lip crayon in a universally-flattering shade that'll make your morning beauty routine a breeze. The slim pencil means application is incredibly easy — no more smudges if your hands aren't perfectly steady! Plus, the colour wears beautifully and feels super comfortable on the lips.

    21. An ultra-chic wide-brim felt hat that'll help keep the sun out of your eyes the next time you venture outdoors. It's made of a dense wool felt, so it'll even protect you in the event of some unexpected spring showers.

    22. This silver sheet mask that'll make you look like a luxe Zorro, and give your skin a boost, too! The foil works to prevent the serum from evaporating, while the activated charcoal formula sucks the gunk out of your pores. All you need is 20 minutes to see results!

    23. And lastly, these compression socks that'll not only help prevent leg cramping, but will also counteract excessive desk-sitting (#guilty). Gentle compression even helps to improve circulation and post-workout recovery!

    You deserve a little somethin'-somethin'.

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