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    25 Products You'll Wish You Bought Sooner

    How have you been living without these??

    1. This hypoallergenic bamboo mattress protector that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It's waterproof, too, so it will prevent any unsightly mattress stains — great for people with kids and pets!

    2. The darkest days of the year are coming, but this light therapy lamp will keep the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay. It delivers full spectrum, UV-free light at the flick of a button.

    3. You don't even know how much you need this TubShroom drain strainer until you see it in action. It fits neatly inside most standard drains, and does all the dirty work for you.

    4. This magnetic eyeliner and lash kit doesn't require incredibly steady hands, tweezers, or several advanced engineering degrees to give you the fluttery lashes of your dreams. Each lash strip has tiny, high-strength magnets that adhere to the special eyeliner.

    5. This UV-blocking window and glass film is the best way to transform any room, create more privacy, or soften the glare from blinding sunlight.

    6. The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means you need this sliding wrapping paper cutter to help you neatly trim all the cellophane, parchment paper, aluminum foil, and wrapping paper that this season needs.

    7. Let's be real, no one flosses enough. But if you'd like to change that, snag yourself this water flosser and impress your dentist at your next yearly appointment.

    8. Not only are these unbleached bamboo baby wipes biodegradable, but they're vegan, and chlorine-, sulphate-, and paraben-free, making them the natural choice for your home.

    9. Keep all your electronics in working order with this moisture-free air duster. It'll blow the competition out of the water.

    10. Protect your digital data with this RFID-blocking card you can slip right into your wallet.

    11. No more sleepless nights with these silicone noise-cancelling earplugs. These hypoallergenic plugs are waterproof and reusable, and fit most ear sizes. They'll even adjust to your own ear for a custom fit.

    12. Keep your sanity (and your outfit) intact with this double-sided lingerie tape. Whether it's a loose strap (annoying), or a plunging neckline (potentially disastrous), a roll of this non-irritating adhesive will go a very long way.

    13. Sometimes shoes are too beautiful to pass up, but what do you do if they're just a tiiiiiiny bit too tight? Get a bottle of this boot and shoe stretch spray, specially formulated to soften and stretch tight-fitting footwear.

    14. Create gourmet-quality crème bruleé, torched salmon, or seared duck breast with this refillable culinary torch.

    15. This thermal laminator is the best tool for keeping your most important documents protected. Laminate your lease, employment contracts, and just about anything else with sleek machine.

    16. Until tech companies find a way to solve the problems we REALLY need solving, these handy wrap fasteners will keep you from tripping over chargers, cables, and plugs.

    17. This Wi-Fi range extender that will ensure you never have to live without Spotify Premium, or your favourite streaming service. There's no going back!

    18. A bottle of this non-toxic fabric cleaning solution that will restore your favourite shoes to their former glory.

    19. Plastic wrap is out, and these food-safe silicone stretch lids are in. They come in six sizes, so they will fit over literally anything — a large soup pot, a jam jar, or even a watermelon.

    20. This fabric de-fuzzer, that will save your favourite sweater — you know, after you disregarded the washing instructions and "accidentally" threw it in the machine. Who has time to hand wash?!

    21. This digital luggage weight scale, that will save you untold amounts of money in overweight baggage fees.

    22. You love your kitty, but definitely not cleaning the ol' litter box. Get yourself a box of this double duty cat litter, specially formulated for stronger clumping power and odour control.

    23. These cozy wool-blend socks will keep your feet warm and dry, even as the weather turns cold and damp. They're basically a grandpa sweater for your feet!

    24. Honestly, what's the point of taking a bath without a classic rubber ducky? This one has a safety disc on the bottom that reveals the word "HOT" when the temperature gets too high, so you never have to scald yourself while testing your bath water.

    25. This versatile cotton rope storage basket that you can use as a laundry hamper, toy storage, or for keeping extra blankets in the living room. The warm white colour and sturdy design will bring a tough of Scandinavian hygge to your home.

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