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    26 Incredibly Useful Things That'll Make Everyday Life A Whole Lot Easier

    It's basically smooth sailing from here.

    1. This handy little touching tool that'll let you open doors, use ATMs, press elevator buttons, and tap in your credit card PIN without ever touching anything with your hands. It's made of antimicrobial copper and is super lightweight, which means you can stash it in your pocket or attach it to your keys for easy use on the go. It even comes with special attachments that let you use touchscreens, too!

    2. These pocket-size soap sheets that'll help you keep your hands clean, no matter where you are. Ever wanted to wash your hands at a gas station bathroom, only to discover the soap dispenser is empty? Problem solved!

    The soap sheets inside their open containers resting on a clean towel

    3. This faucet attachment that'll protect little noggins during bath time, and make it easier to wash their hair. It creates a gentle waterfall so kids don't have to stick their heads under a hard, metal faucet during bathtime, and you don't have to worry about painful accidents.

    4. This body shaver that'll help eliminate unwanted fuzz — especially in those hard-to-reach areas. It works wet or dry, and it even has a special safety guard to prevent unpleasant razor burn.

    A person shaves their back with the back blade

    5. This multipurpose squeegee that reviewers say easily tackles messes around the sink. One side has tiny silicone bristles to help you scrub and dust, while the other side makes short work of cleaning mirrors, countertops, and other smooth surfaces. It's the 2-in-1 product you didn't know you needed (but most definitely do).

    6. This magical detangling brush that works on all hair types (yes, even curly). The cone-shaped bristles actually glide through hair and gently separate it, rather than pulling, tugging, snagging, or breaking your strands. Reviewers say it takes them minutes (rather than hours) to detangle their strands!

    7. A gift wrap organizer that'll help you tidy all those half-used rolls, keeping them neatly stored until you're ready to use 'em again. Each tear-resistant package can hold up to 25 rolls of wrapping paper, and there's even a zippered top to keep them from falling out or getting dusty.

    8. This powder-puff lip cream that'll give you a soft, diffused wash of colour, and doesn't require steady hands to apply. The lightweight formula is basically foolproof! And reviewers love that it feels super comfortable, never drying, on their pout.

    A close up of someone's parted lips wearing the diffused lip colour

    9. A handy sink sling that'll keep your sponges from getting gunky, and keep your counters free of sludgy dish water. The adjustable wire allows you to customize the shape to fit your needs (and your kitchen). Slip it over your faucet, drape it between two kitchen sinks, or even use it in the shower for sudsy loofahs!

    10. An electronic brush cleaner that'll help you say goodbye to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    11. A hanging organizer that'll finally give you a place to stash your ties and belts. Instead of rolling up your fave accessories and stuffing them into drawers and other nooks, this organizer gives you the option to hang them so they stay uncreased and undamaged.

    The organizer filled with neatly hung ties on a clothing rack

    12. This hot tool holster, so you can safely store your straighteners, dryers, and curlers. It features a cord storage pocket that'll keep things neat and tidy, so you can say goodbye to endless untangling.

    A close up of the holster in a bathroom cupboard holding a hair dryer and a straightener

    13. This anti-blister balm that'll keep chafing, rubbing, and raw skin at bay. The sweat and moisture resistant formula won't clog your pores, or slip off if it's extra hot out (aka every single day this summer). Plus, it goes on smooth and dry, which means you don't have to wait to put on socks or shoes, either!

    A person glides the foot balm onto the side of their foot

    14. These genius shower hooks that'll be a definite upgrade to those noisy metal ones you've got rattling up there now. The tops are beaded with little silicone nodes that roll right across your shower rod for noiseless operation. Plus, the double hooks mean you can remove the shower curtain without needing to remove the liner at the same time, and vice versa.

    15. A portable white noise machine that reviewers say actually helps lull their little ones to sleep (and help them stay that way). The loop handle means you can attach it to a stroller, backpack, or even a tent string for on-the-go lullabies.

    16. A pet bathing tool that'll make your pupper's bathtime a lot less stressful (for both you and your pet). Your doggo will think you're petting them, but IN REALITY, you'll be giving them a thorough scrubbin'.

    17. A double compartment bra wash bag that'll help you get your titty holder squeaky clean. The contoured shape helps keep the cups from getting smooshed or damaged, and reviewers say they're capacious enough to fit larger bras, too.

    The wash bag filled with two bras and placed on a washing machine

    18. A collapsible dish rack that'll fold up flat when you're done cleaning up after dinner. The silicone sides help prevent dishes from sliding around, and it even features handy compartments for cutlery so you can keep things neat and tidy.

    19. This deluxe swiveling vanity mirror that's so loaded with features, it's basically the Ferrari of mirrors. The LED lights mimic natural sunlight to give you true-to-life colours, and can be dimmed for day or night. Hidden inside is a pull-out mirror that magnifies 10x for all your detail work.

    20. This single-serve pour-over coffee maker that'll help you brew yourself a cup of java quickly and easily. It fits on basically any kind of container, whether it's your favourite mug or a to-go cup. Reviewers love that it makes a delicious brew, and say it's helped them waste less coffee if they're making a cup just for themselves.

    21. These stylish earplugs that are specially designed to retain sound clarity while filtering out harmful or damaging frequencies. Reviewers use them during loud events, while roading motorcycles, or even at home with a rowdy bunch of kids, and say they help protect their hearing without completely deafening the user.

    A profile photo of a person wearing the earplugs

    22. This screen cleaning kit that'll get your devices gleaming like new. The odourless formula is alcohol and ammonia free, so it won't stink up your phone, and it'll eliminate up to 99.99% of all germs and gunk on your screens.

    23. This non-stick ice cream scoop, so you can get yourself some delicious frosty dessert without spraining your wrist. Not only does it have a non-stick coating, but the handle is filled with a defrosting fluid that keeps ice cream from clinging to your scoop.

    A person scoops ice cream out of a tub

    24. This toilet brush with an attached rim cleaner that'll get your porcelain throne looking brand new. Reviewers love that the silicone bristles don't retain odours, and say they're gentle enough to keep the coating scratch free.

    25. A USB-powered charging hub that'll charge up to four devices at once. The bamboo design is sturdy and minimal, and each section is lined in microfibre to protect your tech while it powers up. And reviewers love that it also helps prevent clutter and tangled cables!

    The charging hub perched on a counter and loaded with tech

    26. And lastly, this sink saddle that'll make hand-washing dishes a lot easier — and safer! The silicone mat helps to prevent things from sliding around in soapy water, and also cushions delicate items (like glassware) if they happen to tip over.

    You, confidently handling everyday life:

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