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    20 Things That'll Help You Live Your Laziest Life

    Life is hard enough as it is, so let these products share the load!

    1. When life is just too much to handle, this grabber tool will help you get a grip on things. Remote stuck under the couch? Grab'er. Bag of snacks too far away? Grab'er.

    2. Cleaning your jewelry can be a real pain in the keister, so let this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner do it for you.

    3. You might be lazy, but your hair products don't have to be. Try this Revlon All in One hair treatment that promises to detangle, prevent split ends, repair dry or damaged hair, add body, control frizz, protect your hair colour, and improve silkiness.

    4. Trying to catch up on your favourite show can be a pain in the neck, but this neck bracket phone holder will make it a breeze. Big Mouth season 3, here I come.

    5. Few things are more annoying than needing something in the very back of the cupboard. Enter the cabinet turntable, so you can take all your products out for a spin without taking it aaaallll out and putting it aaaallll back (who has the time??).

    6. Celebrate the return of the '90s in this ultra-comfy, unisex onesie pajama. Getting ready for bed has never been this easy.

    7. Control the lighting in your ENTIRE HOUSE with these programmable wireless remote control power outlets, so you never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to turn off the light in the bathroom.

    8. You'll have the whole packing thing in the bag with this one-step makeup bag organizer.

    9. Why use a regular mop, when you can use these microfibre mop slippers? Before you know it, dusty and grimy floors will be a thing of the past.

    10. It's time to work SMARTER, not harder, with this shirt folding board that will transform that ever-growing pile of clothes on your clothes chair (we all have one) into a neat, fresh-smelling stack worthy of Marie Kondo.

    11. Maybe you don't have the energy to root around in the garden all day, or maybe watering your plant babies is just too much. Whatever the case, this Click and Grow indoor garden will give you the greenest thumb this side of Mother Earth.

    12. If you don't quite remember if the rabbit goes IN the hole or AROUND it (send help), these bestselling no-tie shoelaces are for you. They're suitable for every shoe, and just about every user!

    13. This all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, body, face, and beard wash for men will help shave entire MINUTES off your shower routine, leaving you free to lounge, relax, or catch up on Netflix.

    14. Vacuuming sucks, but OG robot vacuum Roomba is here to help. Not only is it self-charging, but it tackles any debris, on any floor. And it can be scheduled so you can just set it and forget it.

    15. Make the super fancy, frothy specialty coffee of your dreams with this automatic espresso and cappucino machine.

    16. Our plant babies can be more fickle than real babies (WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, SUCCULENTS?!), so use these Miracle-Gro indoor plant food spikes that will feed your indoor plants a steady stream of nutrients for up to two months.

    17. There's nothing worse than finding the ~perfect~ position in bed and realizing you forgot to close the blinds, so just use these motorized black-out blinds so you can get some well-deserved rest.

    18. We love a one-and-done tool, and this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is one-est and done-est of them all.

    19. Sometimes getting to the gym is just...impossible. Try this electronic muscle trainer instead!

    20. And this automatic pet feeder, so you never have to worry about neglecting your fur babies.

    You, lazing around after all these products do the work for you: