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    27 Beauty Products That Are So Pretty, You Won't Mind Displaying Them On Your Vanity

    So, you agree. You think they're really pretty.

    1. A geometric pineapple lip balm that'll fit right in with your alt-goth aesthetic. It smells like a fruity combo of mango and strawberry and will help banish dry lips for good.

    A pineapple shaped lip balm on a colourful background

    2. This Physician's Formula pearlescent highlighter that's packed with antioxidants for a flawless, buttery-smooth glow. The pressed rose-shaped design is really just the cute lil' cherry on top.

    3. A set of historically-inspired blotting papers that'll banish oiliness and shine from your complexion. The package may be small enough for your purse or pocket, but trust me — you'll want to leave these on display.

    A set of blotting papers printed with an image of a geisha

    4. A jar of this silky gel mask with real rose petals that'll make your skin look like a glazed donut (in the very best way). Cucumber extract, aloe vera, and rosewater are a powerful calming trio that'll combat all manner of irritation — even sunburn.

    A person holding up a jar of the face mask against their glowing skin

    5. A cream blush that'll give you a perfect flush of colour while letting your skin's natural texture shine through. It's semi transparent, which means you'll never end up with clown cheeks (even if you're a total blush newbie).

    6. This über-flexible hair brush that'll glide right through knots and tangles without damaging your locks. The bristles are completely smooth, ensuring there are no snags to catch on your hair, which means it's perfect for all hair types (and extension wearers, too).

    7. This buttery facial moisturizer that'll sink into your skin and wrap it in hydration all year round. Reviewers love how lightweight it feels and say it absorbs quickly, so you won't end up looking greasy after applying.

    A person holding a tube of the moisturizer in their hand

    8. A silk eye mask that'll help you get some shut-eye, no matter the time of day. It's extra plush and pillowy and features an elasticated strap, so you'll always get a perfect fit.

    A person looking into the camera with the silk eye mask perched on their head

    9. This ultra-nourishing dry oil that'll revive parched, tired skin and add a little extra ~oomph~ to your next bath night. It's packed with antioxidants (like tomato seed oil) and won't leave your body slick and greasy afterwards.

    10. A gentle daily shampoo that'll detox your locks and help soothe your irritated scalp. Not only does it remove product buildup like a freakin' champ, but it actually helps stimulate hair follicles, so new hair can grow in shiny and healthy.

    A person holding up the rectangular shampoo bottle

    11. A natural deodorant that you won't want to hide immediately after applying. It omits the kitschy colours of other brands' and skips the yucky chemicals, too, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your body.

    Someone applying the deodorant under their arms

    12. A velvety body lotion you need if your skin is looking a bit scaly (it me). It uses ingredients that've been traditionally reserved for facial skin care (like ceramides and rosehip oil), because there's no reason the rest of your body can't get some TLC, too.

    A person holding up a tube of the body cream against their torso; their skin looks smoother and glowing

    13. This Laneige lip treatment that'll give your pucker a serious upgrade. It's intensely moisturizing and even comes with a teensy applicator. Psst — it stores right in the lid, so it won't clutter your vanity!

    14. An ultra-fine face mist that'll quench thirsty skin and leave your complexion glowing. The combo of coconut and rose waters is gentle enough for sensitive skin and will give you just the right amount of slip for pairing with gua sha massage.

    A flatlay of the face mist on clean sheets next to a rose quartz gua sha tool

    15. This highlighter gel that'll illuminate your complexion and help you fake a sun-kissed look. It's lightweight enough to give you a streak-free base for your makeup and can also easily be layered over top for a glowy finish.

    16. A jar of Glow Recipe's Insta-famous watermelon sleeping mask that promises to gently exfoliate and resurface your complexion overnight. Thanks to alphahydroxy and hyaluronic acids, your skin will look smoother, softer, and more glowy by morning.

    A person dipping a scoop into the sleeping mask; it's perched on watermelon slices

    17. A glow-inducing lactic acid toner that'll set the stage for the rest of your routine. It'll help dissolve dead skin cells and help fade discolouration, so your best skin can shine through.

    Victoria holding up a bottle of the toner against a cityscape; the liquid inside looks like water

    18. A gentle cleansing oil that'll dissolve makeup and buildup, so you won't have to scrub and tug at your skin. It's rich in antioxidants and will leave your skin feeling moisturized and soft (never dry and tight).

    19. This bakuchiol smoothing serum, if your skin has trouble tolerating retinol. Reviewers love that it doesn't cause dryness or sensitivity and say it's intensely hydrating, too.

    A jar of the serum against a watery background

    20. This shimmering body oil that'll give your skin a major glow-up. It uses jojoba, rosehip seed, and meadowfoam seed oils to treat your skin to TLC, plus a generous sprinkle of conflict-free diamond powder to give it enviable sparkle.

    A person holding up two bottles of the shimmer oil; the sun is reflecting off the diamond dust

    21. A tub of decadent scalp and body scrub that'll make dry, rough skin nothing but a distant memory. You can use it everywhere from your scalp to your tippy-toes (and it doesn't hurt that it smells like tuberose, dragonfruit, and orange blossom).

    22. Or this charcoal-infused jelly scrub that'll help unclog congested pores. Salicylic and lactic acids work in tandem to not only eliminate rough, bumpy skin, but also to prevent bacteria build-up so breakouts don't even surface.

    A person holding the iridescent packaging with a smear of the charcoal scrub on their arm

    23. A tube of this cult-fave face wash in limited edition packaging that might actually help you remember to wash👏your👏face👏 before bed. It's pH balanced and super rich in amino acids that'll never strip your face of moisture or leave it looking dull.

    A tube of the facial cleanser; it has doodles of people in towels on it

    24. A set of reusable organic cotton pads that'll help you ditch the single-use versions for good. The best part? They won't shed their fibres, so you won't have to pick shreds out of your eyes after removing your makeup.

    Someone holding several of the reusable cotton rounds in their hands

    25. This acid-packed chemical exfoliant that'll help your skin shed some ~dead~ weight. Don't be fooled by the sleek packaging — it uses glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids to smooth out your complexion and eliminate deep-seated debris.

    A bottle of the chemical exfoliant backlit by the sun

    26. A vitamin C serum that'll brighten up hyperpigmentation and lock in hydration. Reviewers love that it contains niacinamide, too, which can help reduce breakouts and hormonal acne.

    A person holding up the serum against their face; their complexion looks flawless

    27. And lastly, a minimalist set of makeup brushes that'll help you buff and blend to perfection. Each brush is designed for applying everything from shadow to foundation and even comes in a chic case, too.

    A set of four minimalist makeup brushes

    What can I say, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!

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